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Cummins Honored for Enlightened Leadership on Global Challenges

News release by Cummins Inc.

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A Cummins employee works at the company’s Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology Campus in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada).
A Cummins employee works at the company’s Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technology Campus in Mississauga, Ontario (Canada).

Global power leader Cummins Inc. has been honored for combining business sense with the imperative to address the planet’s well-being.

The Frost & Sullivan Institute’s Enlightened Leadership Award Best Practices Recognition honors companies adopting business practices to “innovate to zero,” addressing global priorities like climate change while securing sustainable growth. The institute has honored more than 30 companies and counting with the recognition in 2021, including DuPont, FedEx, the Ford Motor Co. and IBM.

“Frost & Sullivan strictly reserves this recognition to companies at the ‘innovation to zero’ and growth forefront in their respective industries,” said David Frigstad, Chairman of Frost & Sullivan and the Frost & Sullivan Institute. “These companies demonstrate proactivity in utilizing business practices to innovate to zero and address global priorities while securing sustainable growth.”

For more than six decades Frost & Sullivan has been helping investors, corporate leaders and government officials navigate economic change, disruptive technologies and more to achieve success. The Frost & Sullivan Institute is a non-profit organization dedicated to the use of business practices to address global priorities. 

Innovating to zero was a phrase first coined by Bill Gates to describe the process necessary to reach his vision of a world with zero carbon emissions, zero inequalities, zero crime, zero accidents and carbon-neutral cities. He popularized the phrase during a 2014 TED talk that has generated more than 3 million views on YouTube.

For the Enlightened Growth Leadership Award, Frost & Sullivan analysts independently evaluate companies in terms of one or more global priorities that form the institute’s seven pillars: the environment, education, infrastructure, healthcare, security, human rights, and economics.

The analysts cited a range of Cummins initiatives, including the company’s effort to develop low-carbon battery and fuel cell electric power platforms while improving its traditional power technologies; Cummins’ use of wind and solar power, and the company’s community engagement initiatives such as Cummins Advocating for Racial Equity.

“Climate change and environmental degradation are among the greatest challenges faced by governments and companies,” the institute said in announcing the award. “Cummins Inc. is a leader in empowering an emission-free future through its renewable energy efforts. Additionally, its outstanding reputation has also allowed the company to secure strategic partnerships with leading companies to deliver innovative solutions set to transform the market.”

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