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Cykel AI already proving that "people want to invest in the future"

Cykel AI PLC
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Cykel AI PLC (AQSE:CYK) co-founder Jonathan Bixby speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about his hopes for the future of the London-based company following a highly successful listing on the Aquis exchange last week.

Bixby says that an oversubscribed fundraise and a post-listing ramping up of the share price since vindicates his view that "people want to invest in the future." He brings significant experience of bringing tech companies to the London market and has identified the B2B space as the most promising avenue for Cykel AI.

The core issue the company is working to address is the repetitive digital tasks that digital workers often grapple with, which Bixby says can account for 30-40% of their daily workload. The underlying objective is to enhance efficiency and help companies bolster their margins. Bixby also emphasises the company's focus on generating revenue rather than consuming it, hinting at a shift back to the fundamentals of business - providing value to both customers and shareholders.


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