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D8.co to Launch 1-Hour Delivery for Delta-8 THC Products Initial States Include Texas, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, N. Carolina

News release by D8 Holdings, Inc.

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 D8.co the market leader in hemp-derived Delta-8 THC—today announced it is launching 1-hour delivery for consumer orders throughout the United States.

D8.co will deliver their award winning Delta-8 carts, Delta-8 disposables, and Delta-8 gummies to any customer within 1-hour in a 25-mile radius of any professional NFL team. Outside that radius customers will receive next day packages at the latest.

“The largest problem we have is fulfillment and delivery,” said Chris Duffield, CEO of D8.co. “Anyone shipping consumer goods knows that all the carriers are a current nightmare. We have shipped thousands of packages priority and the majority show up two or three days late, with far too many getting lost or stolen. If a customer places an order after cutoff on Friday, they have to wait an additional three days. Customers want our products, and they want them immediately.”

The first six states D8.co will integrate into their program are Texas, Georgia, Florida, Minnesota, Ohio, and North Carolina. The company will expand into the rest of the U.S immediately, with full integration expected to take approximately 45 days.

“We have more than 50 major fulfillment centers locked in that are centrally managed from our cloud technology. Once an order is placed, our customers will receive an email and text where they can track our drivers all the way to delivery,” said Hugh McPherson, EVP of D8.co.

D8.co expects to immediately double online sales with the new integration.

“We are extremely excited to launch 1-hour delivery,” said Duffield. “We just became the largest cannabis company in the United States, which makes us a prime acquisition target. I’m very proud of our core team and all the hard work everyone has put in to make D8 the number one brand in the market.”


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D8.co is based in Colorado and Miami with satellite offices in Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The company is an assembly of the top hemp and cannabis minds in the country. With backgrounds in extraction, chemistry, manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and legal, the D8 team came together organically around this elusive, but extremely powerful molecule to create a new category of products. More info at www.d8.co.


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