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Daniel Jones Deserves a New Deal – Former Giant & ‘Helmet Catch’ WR Speaks Up

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Image source: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports
Image source: Douglas DeFelice-USA TODAY Sports

David Tyree, the former wide receiver for the New York Giants, has shared his opinion that current Giants quarterback Daniel Jones should be offered another contract. Although Tyree admits that it will be a complex decision to make, Jones has certainly “earned the right to another opportunity.”

In his interview with Betting.us, Tyree highlighted Jones’ recent season as indicating a valuable talent. Speaking of his achievements on the field this year, he said that the coaching staff is likely to have noticed that “we can trust [him to deliver] … and I think that’s a tribute to him.”

He also noted that despite not getting a fifth-year option, Jones “performed when the pressure was on, with a team and a coach that believes in him.” The 2022 season marked the fourth and final year of Jones’ rookie quarterback contract. If the team were to extend the option, his contract would be worth around $23 million.

Depending on his performance at the end of this season, Jones may still be offered a long-term deal. A contract would then cost the team roughly $30 million. As of December 20, 2022, he has made 57 touchdowns for the Giants since being signed in 2019.

Jones’ future will be decided in large part by head coach Brian Daboll. According to Tyree, Jones has led what is the Giants’ “dismal” offense, and that outside of him, “there is not a lot of talent around that offense in a lot of different positions.”

That said, Tyree acknowledged that the Giants have had to overcome “so many injuries…. It’s a miracle that they’re still sitting at six and three… The offensive line wasn’t even supposed to be playing as well as they played, and they still endured injuries. They should just give Brian Daboll the award at this point.”

Daniel Jones’ 2022 Performance So Far

As 2022 draws to a close, the Giants' chances of appearing in the playoffs are closer to becoming reality. After the team beat the Washington Commanders 20-12, the Giants need only to win one more of their next three games. This victory ended a four-game losing streak for the Giants.

One of the biggest surprises was the performance of Daniel Jones. Jones has previously struggled in prime-time games for the Giants, with the team losing their last 11 prime-time games. A more consistent and considered performance saw Jones master an impressive touchdown drive in the second quarter.

This will hopefully be a return to form for Jones after a spotty run of performances in recent weeks. His first nine games were lauded for being highly efficient, with a marked increase in care for the ball this year than in his previous three seasons.

In his first nine games, Jones tossed only two interceptions in 237 throws, an impressive feat shared only by Tom Brady. Although it looks as though Jones' prospects for an extended contract are likely, it’s possible that this will be denied if the Giants don’t make it to the playoffs.

Whether the Giants can achieve this, David Tyree is hopeful. “I think they can get in as a wild card, my Giants. But… they have to pull off miracles’ week in and week out to get a win, and with the roster thinned out, it gets tough.” Nevertheless, Tyree remains loyal to his former team. “Go Giants always. I’ll pick them to win eight, nine times out of ten.


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