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Data analytics start up launches in Africa with FMCG giants uses AI-powered satellite imagery analysis to help FMCG get products in remote parts of Africa.

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The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation-backed data startup aiSight (formerly SurveyAuto) is poised to launch across Africa helping FMCG companies reach all parts of Africa. Emerging markets like Africa often lack even basic data essential for running a profitable FMCG business. Most parts of Africa lack reliable data about market size, consumer profiles, number and location of retail outlets, changes in market share etc. Therefore, most FMCGs struggle to capture the full potential of the market.

aiSight commericializes years of research in satellite imagery analysis for population and socio-economic class (SEC) mapping, combined with state-of-the-art AI predictive analytics to replace decades old methodologies of retail analytics (by the likes of Nielsen). aiSight’s technology eliminates the cost and delay of manual data collection, enabling large companies like Reckitt, Pepsi and Unilever to run optimised business operations within a few weeks of using the platform.

aiSight dashboard provides fresh and detailed insights to FMCGs
aiSight dashboard provides fresh and detailed insights to FMCGs

Emerging markets account for 55% of the global consumer spending of consumer-packaged goods, and in the next five years, consumer spending in these markets is expected to grow three times as quickly as that in the developed economies, with total spending expected to exceed $6 trillion. might hold the key to unlocking this potential, where it is already used by some of the largest FMCGs in Pakistan, Nigeria, Kenya and KSA.

Instead of relying on expensive, and error prone, manual stock counts in retail outlets, aiSight’s SaaS platform uses predictive analytics to track millions of products in every shop in a country, and generates real-time actions as soon as it identifies an opportunity to increase revenue by expanding distribution, improving sales targets, optimising trade promotions, minimising out-of-stock shops, or refining assortment.

CEO and and founder of aiSight: Umar Saif (front and centre)
CEO and and founder of aiSight: Umar Saif (front and centre)

“Think of as an entirely automated command & control center which generates population and socio-economic profiles using satellite imagery for every neighbourhood in a country, and continuously monitors every shop, product, channel, distributor, brand, shopper profile and trade promotion, and generates actionable alerts as soon as it discovers an opportunity to optimise sales, trade or marketing functions to maximise revenue”, says Dr. Umar Saif, an award-winning MIT Computer Scientist who is the founder and CEO of

“Such a platform has been the Holy Grail of the FMCG industry, which is still stuck in monthly retail-audit slide decks, excel sheets and basic PowerBI charts made by armies of sales analysts”, said Jason Elliot, a veteran of retail analytics. “aiSight’s platform delivers a perfect solution.”

Globally, the Data Analytics industry for FMCGs is expected to exceed $30 Billion by 2023. already counts some of the world’s largest FMCGs as its clients, including Unilever, PepsiCo, Redbull, Reckitt, British American Tobacco and Phillip Morris International among others. It is rapidly expanding to countries in South Asia, Africa and the middle-east with several of its existing clients. “We saw phenomenal growth using in Asia and Africa, and Reckitt is planning to rollout this platform to several more countries this year,” said Akbar Shah, Reckitt’s GM for West & East Africa.


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aiSight can be conveniently integrated with key distribution and sales management systems along with business intelligence tools to provide a seamless interface for data visualization, advanced analytics and reporting.


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