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Democracy at risk in Turkish election Erdogan trampling on free speech with Twitter being a willing accomplice

News release by International Association of Political Consultants

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Recent moves by Turkish President Reception Tayyip Erdogan to restrict social media in tomorrow’s Turkish election is a direct assault on the democratic process. According to Matt Klink, President of the International Association of Political Consultants (IAPC), “free access to information and ideas is at the heart of democracy. Denying citizens access to social media robs them of their ability to make informed decisions.”


Under Erdogan, limits have been placed on social media in an effort to silence the voice of opposition parties. Klink pointed out, “The attempt by Erdogan and his cronies to prevent the voice of the people to be heard is deeply troubling in a country that already has placed severe restrictions on the press.”


“What is especially concerning is the decision by Twitter to follow these restrictions,” said Klink. “An American company that claims to promote free speech should not be aiding and abetting a dictator in his efforts to subvert the democratic process. This has far reaching precedence for future elections.”


“We all have a stake in ensuring that elections are run free and without interference, including restrictions on reporting and a free press. The IAPC and it’s members are committed to ensuring democratic elections free from any interference,” concluded Klink.



Founded in 1968, the IAPC brings together members at its annual meeting to exchange views and information about political developments and campaign techniques.


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