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Doubleview Gold Corp latest assays shows expansion at South Lisle Zone at Hat Project

Doubleview Gold Corp
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Doubleview Gold Corp CEO Farshad Shirvani joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share significant insights from the analyses of three drill holes at the Hat Property, located in the Stikine mining district of northwestern British Columbia.

The 2023 drilling program focused on exploring and confirming the southern and southwestern extensions of the Lisle zone of porphyry-style mineralization. The results revealed robust metal values and broad dimensions, uncovering a previously undisclosed area rich in gold and cobalt.

Shirvani emphasized that the latest drill holes validate the dimensions of the Hat deposit and underscore the consistent presence of strong values in copper, gold, cobalt, silver, and scandium. These metals are essential components in emerging technologies aimed at supplementing or replacing traditional energy sources, aligning with the global push for sustainable energy solutions.

The assay data from an additional five drill holes is eagerly anticipated and will be released as soon as it is confirmed. These forthcoming results are expected to provide further insights into the extent and richness of mineralization at the Hat Property, bolstering Doubleview Gold Corp's position as a key player in the exploration and development of metals critical to advancing modern technologies.

As the company continues its exploration efforts and analyzes additional drill results, investors can expect continued updates that highlight the potential of the Hat Property and its significance in meeting the growing demand for metals essential to a sustainable future. Stay tuned for further developments from Doubleview Gold Corp as they advance their exploration initiatives and unlock the full potential of their mining assets.



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