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Bikers for Trump has launched a national effort to Draft Donald Trump for President again in 2024. Bikers for Trump, founded by Chris Cox, was a constant presence in the 2016 campaign, throughout Trump’s Presidency, and the 2020 reelection effort. Often lauded by the President himself, Cox is leading the Bikers tireless efforts to Make America Great Again - and show President Trump the tremendous support and enthusiasm for him across our great nation.

Bikers for Trump launched the official online petition to encourage Trump to take back the Presidency. Tens of thousands of supporters have already signed the petition in the first few days. Supporters may sign the petition here: https://www.bikersfortrump.com/

“In 2016 Bikers for Trump led the charge by flipping must-win battleground states that helped deliver victory for President Trump. And we’re ready to do it again,” explained Chris Cox, the Founder of Bikers for Trump. “If President Trump enters the 2024 race, he would be the clear favorite to win the presidency and put an immediate stop to the left’s radical, Socialist, anti-American agenda.”

The Washington Times recently described Bikers for Trump as “…a grassroots group supporting the billionaire businessman’s long-shot bid for the White House. The bikers also served as the unofficial security detail at Trump rallies — the so-called “wall of meat” separating pro-Trump and anti-Trump crowds…”

“The left and their corporate megadonors are doing everything they can to seize total control and muzzle President Trump and his supporters. “The Dems are terrified of President Trump. That’s why their Silicon Valley cronies are taking unprecedented steps to silence President Trump and his conservative allies,” Cox continued. “That’s why we need to start organizing now.”

Bikers for Trump is the political phenomenon that took the 2016 Presidential Election by storm. Founded by Chris Cox in the summer of 2015, Bikers for Trump is a grassroots organization of patriotic citizen crusaders who are committed to supporting President Trump's agenda, upholding American liberties, and ensuring that Donald Trump returns to the White House at President in 2024.


To schedule an interview with Chris Cox or another Bikers for Trump spokesperson, please contact Joshua Delano at 832-910-7307 or media@BikersForTrump.com

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