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Eat To Think: The Power of Nutrient-Dense Foods for Enhanced Cognitive Function! Nutrient Survival Embraces Comprehensive Brain Health with Groundbreaking Book Launch and New to the World Functional Brain Boosting Bars

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No one wants to slip into their later years with a failing memory or inability to think clearly and make decisions. Recently Peter Castleman, Author of “Eat to Think: Big Pharma Wants You to Take Pills Forever. We Don't.”, conducted a satellite media tour to share tips and advice on how to use nutritious food to help support your brain health and cognitive function.

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Nutrient Survival Embraces Comprehensive Brain Health with Groundbreaking Book Launch and New to the World Functional Brain Boosting Bars

If you’re over 50, you’re most likely a part of the growing number of people who fear a gradual loss of brain function, otherwise known as cognitive decline or dementia. It’s normal to worry. But there is good news.

Cognitive decline is mostly the result of lifestyle choices, not genetics. It is simply a story of “too little/too much “- too little of the nutrients your brain needs daily to maintain health and too much of the foods, drugs, and poor lifestyle choices that damage the brain.

 Nutrient Survival, the pioneering force in Special Ops Grade nutritional innovation, announces the launch of the book “Eat to Think,” co-authored by Peter M. Castleman and B. Eric Christianson and available now on Amazon. The book explores the beauty of the brain and how it is designed to regenerate forever while empowering readers with Six Pillars of Brilliance to strengthen brain health and longevity.

Both Christianson, CEO of Nutrient Survival, and Castleman, Chairman of Nutrient Institute, a non-profit dedicated to improving human nutrition, were spurred to write “Eat to Think” after researching the damage to human health created by common nutritional habits and an over dependence on “Big Pharma” to address health symptoms versus root issues.

“In today’s society we have come to accept the inevitable degeneration of our brains and mental function, which does not need to be our fate,” insists Castleman. “Declining mental faculties with age is typically a product of ‘neuroinflammation,’ a process that gradually damages brain cells but can be reversed with proper nutrition. We have the power to regenerate our brain cells within literal reach of our pantries and refrigerators.”

Much of the nutritional science and functional ingredients discussed in “Eat to Think'' are incorporated into Nutrient Survival’s newest BrainCare® product launch, the Brain Omega 3 Bar®.

An all-natural solution to support brain performance, each Brain Omega 3 Bar® features a patent-pending combination of 1,948mg of Omega 3s, 40 essential nutrients including 27 vitamins and minerals, naturally occurring flavonoids and 8g of protein, all offering better bioavailability of ingredients to nourish both your brain and body.

Brain Omega 3 Bar - Fig & Dark Chocolate contains sweet ripe figs, rich dark chocolate, and tart cranberry pieces. Brain Omega 3 Bar - Fig & Roasted Peanut offers ground peanut with sweet ripe figs, semi-sweet chocolate, and creamy peanut morsels. Both flavors are blended with rolled oats, organic rice crisps, milled flax and hemp seeds and feature the following:

● 1,948 mg of Omega 3 (EPA 430 mg + DHA 323 mg + ALA 1,160mg + SDA 35mg)

● 40 essential nutrients

● 27 vitamins and minerals

● 8g of protein including 1.5g of collagen

● Natural flavonoids from semi-sweet chocolate, figs and peanuts

● No artificial colors, flavors or preservatives

● Gluten free

The Brain Omega 3 Bar® is available for $2.75 a bar in bags of 15 at

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Nutrient Survival LLC is an end-to-end food technology company offering nutrient dense survival food for emergencies and every day. Nutrient Survival has experienced explosive growth since its introduction in 2020, behind its patented nutrient dense products and compelling brand proposition. Designed to the same nutritional requirements of the US military for its elite Special Ops units, the brand delivers six times more nutrition than any other survival food brand.

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About the Authors

Peter M. Castleman. Chairman of Nutrient Survival; Chairman of WISEcode; Chairman of Nutrient Institute. A lifetime entrepreneur who for the past decade has been dedicated to improving human nutrition and information about what is in our foods. Castleman graduated from Duke University at the top of his class in Economics, became a Professor at Harvard, then worked on Wall Street. Castleman bought North Face outerwear company when it was going bankrupt and turned it into a 3 billion per year company and then sold it. He did the same with Igloo, Herbalife, and many others. Castleman aims to empower consumers to manage wellness, instead of being controlled by Big Food, Big Ag, and Big Pharma. With good information, Castleman believes humans can make informed decisions with their lifestyle choices.

B. Eric Christianson. CEO of Nutrient Survival; Army Veteran; Airborne Ranger qualified; West Point Distinguished Cadet graduate. After a career of leading iconic food brands at Fortune 100 companies, Christianson found his lifelong calling when he was asked by Castleman to build a company called Nutrient Survival. Born at the start of the pandemic, Nutrient Survival is a disruptive end-to-end food company based in Reno-Tahoe, Nevada, that redefines survival food – and all food for that matter – with performance nutrition. With its patented products, Nutrient Survival brings top shelf, delicious, Special Ops grade nutrition. Designed to the same elite nutritional standards of the military for its Special Operations Forces but intended for people like us.




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