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Electric Guitar debuts on AIM with big plans following 3radical acquisition

Electric Guitar PLC
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Electric Guitar PLC (AIM:ELEG) CEO John Regan spoke to Proactive's Stephen Gunnion following the company's listing on London's AIM market following the reverse takeover of 3radical.

Regan emphasized Electric Guitar's "buy and build" strategy, which involves acquiring complementary businesses to enhance their market position. Despite the challenging market conditions, the company managed to complete its IPO on AIM, a testament to its team's strength and compelling business proposition.

3radical specialises in collecting first-party data—a valuable asset in today's privacy-focused advertising market. This acquisition marks Electric Guitar's entry into the technical side of the advertising industry, responding to significant shifts such as reduced accessibility to third-party data due to privacy regulations. 3radical's technology allows for real-time adaptation to user input, which is unique in the market and enhances the relevancy of advertising.

Furthermore, Regan said 3radical's extensive database of engagement events offers potential for advanced machine learning applications, positioning Electric Guitar to exploit AI technologies effectively.

Looking forward, Regan outlined plans to enhance sales and marketing efforts, particularly focusing on exploiting the newly acquired technologies and data assets from 3radical. Electric Guitar is also preparing to expand its portfolio by acquiring additional complementary businesses, aiming to leverage these new assets to secure a competitive advantage in a rapidly evolving market.


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