Elevai Labs (NASDAQ: ELAB) Acquires Rights To Develop Muscle Loss Prevention Assets For Anticipated Use In Anti-Obesity Treatments, Launches Two New Subsidiaries | News Direct

Elevai Labs (NASDAQ: ELAB) Acquires Rights To Develop Muscle Loss Prevention Assets For Anticipated Use In Anti-Obesity Treatments, Launches Two New Subsidiaries

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By James Blacker, Benzinga

Some 42% of adults in the United States are affected by obesity, according to the U.S. CDC. At a global level, a new study released by the journal Lancet reveals that around 1 billion people are now living with obesity, with the number of obese adults having doubled since 1990 and quadrupled among children and adolescents.

The demand for solutions to escalating obesity rates is only growing. Goldman Sachs Research notes that the global market for anti-obesity drugs reached $6 billion on an annualized basis in 2023 and this global market is projected to experience a more than 16-fold increase to $100 billion by 2030. The global growth of anti-obesity drugs is expected to be led by drugs such as Ozempic® and Wegovy®, both manufactured by Novo Nordisk (NYSE: NVO), as well as Mounjaro®, made by Eli Lilly And Co (NYSE: LLY).

However, there are concerns that GLP-1 drugs like Ozempic® and Wegovy® might lead to a loss of muscle mass along with fat mass. This potential side effect highlights a need for new or coinciding treatments that can address obesity while limiting such side effects.

Revolutionizing Obesity Treatment

Medical aesthetics and biopharmaceutical drug development company Elevai Labs Inc. (NASDAQ: ELAB) is working to address this problem. The firm announced on May 2 that it acquired exclusive rights to two new assets that have the potential to limit muscle loss prevention to develop in combination with GLP-1 obesity treatments – namely “EL-22”, a clinical-stage engineered probiotic expressing myostatin, and “EL-32”, a preclinical engineered probiotic expressing dual myostatin & activin-A.

“We believe the adoption and use of other GLP-1 drugs […] increases the desire for related aesthetic procedures linked to the side effects from these drugs, including significant unwanted muscle loss. We see the licensing of these two assets as an opportunity to provide an unmet need in the anti-obesity drug market and expand our brand into a large and growing multi-billion-dollar market,” said Elevai Labs CEO Jordan R. Plews.

Elevai plans to test how effective and safe EL-22 is in combination with weight-loss medications currently available on the market. It expects to submit an Investigational New Drug application to the FDA in 2025 and hopes to initiate clinical trials in the U.S. soon thereafter.

New Subsidiaries

In line with its growth in the biotech industry, Elevai Labs announced on May 1 it launched two new wholly-owned subsidiaries — Elevai Biosciences and Elevai Skincare.

 Elevai Biosciences will focus on acquiring and developing cutting-edge aesthetic medicines, with EL-22 as its lead asset.

 Elevai Skincare is a new entity that will continue to advance the company’s skincare solutions. The company hopes that the reorganization of its skincare operations will boost focus, agility, and market penetration in order to capitalize on emerging opportunities in the medical aesthetics skincare market.

Commenting on the announcement, Co-founder and CEO Jordan R. Plews stated, “The launch of Elevai Biosciences, Inc. and Elevai Skincare, Inc. as wholly-owned operating subsidiaries signifies a significant milestone in our journey towards reshaping the future of medical aesthetics and biotech. With Elevai Biosciences, we believe we are poised to lead the development of next-generation aesthetic medicines, while Elevai Skincare will continue to develop and deliver exceptional cosmetic solutions to our customers worldwide.”

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