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Elevate Your DEI Journey: The 2023 Global DEI Conference Announces an Impressive Speaker Lineup 2023 Global DEI Conference Announces Distinguished Speaker Lineup

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The 2023 Global DEI Conference, a pivotal event in advancing global diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), proudly unveils its lineup of esteemed speakers. This hybrid event, set to take place from November 28 to November 30, 2023, brings together a remarkable assembly of DEI experts, thought leaders, and change-makers.


The Global DEI Conference starts on Wednesday, November 28
The Global DEI Conference starts on Wednesday, November 28

With a focus on fostering equity in a connected world, the conference offers a platform for participants to engage with leading voices in the field of DEI. The diverse range of speakers ensures a comprehensive exploration of DEI topics, promising to provide actionable insights, innovative strategies, and inspiring discussions.

Featured Speakers at the 2023 Global DEI Conference:

- Elizabeth Cowper, Founder & CEO, Ludo

- Cynthia Fortlage, Specialist, Consultant, CAF Services

- Duro Oye, Co-Founder & Group CEO, 20/20 Levels

- Giuliano Pozza, Chief Information Officer, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore

- Paul Hackett, Founding Partner, The WellBeings.London

- Zoë Lukič, Global Internal Communications Manager, ZOO Digital Group

- Tara Wilson, Co-Founder & CEO, Nara Consulting Group

- Hayden Smith, Head of Partnerships, BXVentures

- Kenneth Sharperson, Chief Diversity Officer, Armstrong Teasdale

- And many more distinguished leaders and innovators.

Event Highlights:

- Engaging sessions with global DEI experts.

- Networking opportunities with DEI professionals.

- Innovative strategies and insights on DEI implementation.

The 2023 Global DEI Conference is a must-attend event for professionals across all sectors looking to enhance their understanding and practice of DEI. It offers a unique opportunity to connect with a community committed to making impactful changes in workplaces and societies worldwide.

Registration Information:

Registration for the 2023 Global DEI Conference is now open. We encourage early registration to ensure participation in this transformative event.

For more information and to register, please visit https://1businessworld.com/global-dei-conference/ 

Join us in shaping a more inclusive and equitable future. Be part of the change at the 2023 Global DEI Conference.


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