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Embracing Individuality with PETITE SIMONE on Amazon's Black Friday

News release by PETITE SIMONE

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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 16 November 2023 - As the leaves turn golden and the smell of winter is in the air, fashion lovers and savvy shoppers alike are marking their calendars for the event of the season - Black Friday. Synonymous with elegance and individuality, PETITE SIMONE invites you to participate in their exclusive Amazon Black Friday event, true to the brand's slogan "Crafted to Your Style". Each bag, intertwined with craftsmanship and design, mirrors the individuality of its bearer.



The Woven Series: Intricacy and Individualism

The Woven Series, PETITE SIMONE's latest testament to their craft, showcases the intricate braiding technique that makes each bag a unique piece of art. Hazel offers a spacious interior for those who carry their world with them, while the crossbody Judy brings a blend of practicality and elegance. Della is perfect for casual gatherings, while Ella is the weekender, inviting you on a journey that weaves a narrative.

 Petite Simone Hazel Woven Tote Bag Travel Handbag 

 Petite Simone Della Hobo Bags for Ladies 

 Petite Simone Judy Woven Hobo Bag with Strap 

 Petite Simone Ella Small Woven Tote Bag 


Freya and Sofii: Timeless Companions

Amidst the new releases, let's not overlook the classics. The Freya tote is a vision of timeless elegance, and Sofii, the sleek satchel, has been a go-to for fashion-forward individuals. Both models exude a charm that's both contemporary and classic, a perfect fit for PETITE SIMONE's diverse clientele.


 Black Friday on Amazon: A Symphony of Styles 


This Black Friday, Amazon will feature PETITE SIMONE's array of bags, each echoing the "Crafted to Your Style" philosophy. Expect unbeatable deals not only on the Woven Series but also on favorites like Freya and Sofii. It's an opportunity to own a PETITE SIMONE - a badge of style and substance.


Totes That Reflect Your Narrative

The Hazel and Freya totes, each with their distinct character, are set to be among the highlights this Black Friday. Hazel, with its woven elegance, and Freya, with its understated sophistication, are ready to be the totes of your choice, mirroring the brand's ethos of individuality.

 Petite Simone Hazel Woven Bag Summer Purses for Women 

 Petite Simone Freya Shoulder Bag Handbag 


Crossbodies and Satchels That Cross Boundaries

Bonnie and Polaris's slant design redefines what it means to be stylish and versatile. With Amazon's Black Friday discounts, these bags aren't just accessories; They are fashion statements waiting to be made.

 Petite Simone Bonnie Waist Pack Chest Bag 

 Petite Simone Polaris Small Crossbody Bag Purses 


Weekenders: Your Style Essentials

The Sofii invites you to grasp the essence of elegance, while the Alicia weekender whispers tales of wanderlust. This Black Friday, these pieces can become integral to your style story, offered at prices that let you narrate your fashion journey without a word.

 Petite Simone Sofii Shoulder Bag 

 Petite Simone Alicia Small Shoulder Bag 


Sustainable Style Statements

True to the "Crafted to Your Style" philosophy, PETITE SIMONE champions sustainability. The woven Series, along with the Freya and Sofii lines, represent the brand's commitment to eco-friendly fashion, making each purchase a statement of environmental consciousness.


A Black Friday That's Uniquely Yours

With the buzz building up to PETITE SIMONE's Amazon Black Friday event, the stage is set for a shopping experience that's crafted just for you. From the woven Series' Hazel to the classic Sofii, these deals are a testament to the brand's dedication to personal style and crafted elegance.


Stay tuned with the much-awaited reveal of PETITE SIMONE's Black Friday specials on Amazon. Let this Black Friday be the day you elevate your wardrobe with a touch of personalized luxury because, with PETITE SIMONE, each bag is a narrative "Crafted to Your Style".


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