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Empire Resources MD bullish on prospects

Empire Resources Ltd
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Empire Resources Ltd (ASX:ERL) Managing Director Sean Richardson speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about recent progress at the gold and copper focused exploration and development company.

Richardson highlights the successful divestment of an investment in NTM Gold during the COVID period, generating significant profits. The company has also undertaken exploration programs across its three project areas, experiencing both successes and challenges. He expresses optimism about gold prices but acknowledged rising costs.

Regarding copper, he sees potential for long-term growth, citing recent price improvements. In the last 12 months, Empire Resources has strategically assessed market opportunities, aiming for organic growth in exploration and business development. Richardson encourages investors to look beyond assets and consider the team's achievements.

He emphasises the team's dedication to developing and expanding the business. "We're a bit luck a duck on a pond, paddling very hard underneath and working hard to develop and grow the business - both in an organic fashion with our exploration activities but on the business development front as well... We're really bullish on our team and what we can deliver."


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