Empowering Women Leaders Worldwide: III Global Congress of Women Leaders 2023 Closes Hispanic Heritage Month with A Flourish | News Direct

Empowering Women Leaders Worldwide: III Global Congress of Women Leaders 2023 Closes Hispanic Heritage Month with A Flourish

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  The III Global Congress of Women Leaders 2023, led by Dr. Roselin Cabrales, Dean of EntreLeaders Business School, is set to take center stage at Harvard University on October 11th. This extraordinary event marks the culmination of Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrating women’s achievements and contributions. Bringing together 40 influential speakers and thought leaders from various countries, this congress is not just a conference; it’s a movement, inspiring and empowering women globally.

Breaking barriers, creating opportunities

The congress, both in-person and virtually, promises a dynamic platform for women leaders, change-makers, and professionals from diverse fields. A fusion of keynote addresses, panel discussions, and networking opportunities will delve into pivotal topics encompassing leadership, innovation, and women’s social impact. Dr. Cabrales, a renowned expert in Harvard Negotiation Method, expressed her excitement about the event’s far-reaching impact, “Our gathering isn’t just about established women; it’s a haven for emerging entrepreneurs seeking the right tools to amplify their ideas and businesses. The unique exchange of ideas here positions us as an unparalleled event in its style.”

A beacon of inspiration

Organized by EntreLeaders Business School, the III Global Congress of Women Leaders 2023 aims to spotlight the journeys of these remarkable women. Their shared experiences of overcoming challenges and achieving success will not only inspire but also provide invaluable contacts for future collaborations. Dr. Cabrales, also the President of the Women Economic Forum in Venezuela and Houston-Texas, emphasized the congress’s mission, stating, “We are delighted to gather women leaders worldwide who are eager to elevate ideas and projects, inspire fellow women, and create a lasting legacy. Our voices will resonate, and new ideas will turn into tangible actions for collective growth.”

Virtual access for all

While the physical event is sold out, the congress will be broadcast live and free on October 12th, streaming (https://www.youtube.com/@CongresoMundialMujeresLideres) on the ‘Congreso Mundial de Mujeres Lideres’ YouTube channel. Dr. Cabrales encourages all women interested in leadership roles to participate, affirming, “The involvement of women in leadership positions is vital for sustainable development and building a more inclusive and equitable future. We don’t want anyone to miss this unique opportunity to be part of a global gathering of women leaders reshaping the business world.”

For further information, please visit www.congresomujereslideres.com.


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