Empress Royalty has a diverse asset portfolio set up for growth potential | News Direct

Empress Royalty has a diverse asset portfolio set up for growth potential

News release by Empress Royalty Corp

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Richard Vigil, global vice president of Empress Royalty Corp, expanded on the company's investment portfolio and criteria with Proactive's Chris Rhodes. Empress focuses on late-stage development and producing companies in the gold and silver sector globally, with preferred investments in companies that are six to 18 months away from production, with ticket sizes for investments that can reach up to $25 million US.

Vigil highlighted two key investments in Empress's portfolio. The first is the Tahuehueto silver mine in Mexico, owned and operated by Luca Mining. The mine has recently reached a capacity of 500 tonnes per day and is expected to reach 1,000 tonnes per day by the end of the year.

Secondly, their investment in the Manica gold mine in Mozambique: an open pit mine that started producing in July of the previous year and has been showing steady growth. Demonstrating production growth since Empress's investment in 2021, he also touched upon a gold mine operated by Sierra Sun Group: Sierra Antapite, Peru.

Looking ahead, Empress has completed technical due diligence on two new investment opportunities and is progressing with legal, commercial, and due diligence. They also have a strong pipeline of earlier stage discussions with potential partners globally. Investors can expect further growth and expansion from Empress Royalty in the second half of the year.


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