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EnergyPathways completes AIM listing and sets about delivering low-emission UK energy

EnergyPathways PLC
News release by EnergyPathways PLC

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EnergyPathways PLC CEO Ben Clube speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the natural gas developer announced it has joined London’s Alternative Investment Market following the ‘reverse’ of EnergyPathways PLC into Dial Square Investments PLC.

The transaction raised £2 million, giving the newly listed business a valuation of £6.32 million. On paper, this looks like a bargain valuation given EnergyPathways has a fully appraised gas field in the UK portion of the Irish Sea. Containing up to 35.3 billion cubic feet (Bcf) of undeveloped gas, the Marram Project is a low-cost development that has the potential to grow its reserves base.

Clube highlights the company's investment appeal, emphasising the high-value potential of the Marram gas field, with an expected Net Present Value (NPV) of around £100mln and high rates of return. He stresses the project's rapid payback period, under 12 months, making it an attractive option for investors.

EnergyPathways aims to grow by securing additional licenses and resources, particularly in gas, which Clube believes plays a critical role in the UK's energy transition and security. The company targets gas resources that can be quickly brought to market and integrated with other clean energy assets like renewables, gas storage, and hydrogen.

Clube differentiates EnergyPathways from other UK-based oil and gas companies by its focus on low-emission energy supply and energy security, aligning with the socio-economic interests of the UK. This focus on energy transition solutions positions the company uniquely in the market, making it a compelling story for investors concerned with the challenges in the UK energy market.


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