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Enzinc Wins World Materials Forum Coup de Coeur Start Up Award for Its Revolutionary Zinc Battery Technology Advanced technology repurposes existing lead acid manufacturing infrastructure to expedite the deployment of better batteries

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 Enzinc, a pioneering developer of advanced rechargeable zinc battery technology, was awarded the prestigious Coup de Coeur prize in the World Materials Forum (WMF) Start Up Challenge for its innovative way of using a common material to create powerful batteries. A platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their groundbreaking solutions that use materials smarter, more efficiently or longer, the ninth WMF is taking place in Nancy, France, this week. The event brings together industry leaders, experts and innovators from around the world.


The demand for high-power batteries is substantial, but the industry’s growth is hindered by materials shortages. Enzinc is revolutionizing the energy sector by redefining what’s achievable, offering breakthrough zinc battery technology to overcome obstacles and drive progress in the energy storage sector. Its cutting-edge technology surpasses traditional lead-acid batteries by delivering three times the energy output and cycle life and offers twice the energy density of any other zinc battery. Its high-performance solution excels in both mobility and stationary applications.


“We are incredibly honored to receive the Coup de Coeur Start Up Award, a resounding validation of our groundbreaking technology and the unwavering dedication of our team towards fostering innovation,” said Michael Burz, Enzinc founder and CEO. “Enzinc is at the forefront of material innovation, and our drop-in zinc microsponge anode is transforming the battery industry. With Enzinc inside, users can sustainably power anything from short and mid-range electric vehicles to stationary storage systems. Our proprietary zinc battery technology eliminates traditional failure points and supply chain risks, offering superior batteries with higher margins, increased power and enhanced safety.”


The company is positioned to meet the growing demand for battery storage in areas where existing solutions face significant challenges. Considering the limitations associated with lithium, a market valued at $70 billion, and the power delivery shortcomings of lead-acid batteries worth $40 billion, Enzinc’s cutting-edge technology fills the gap and provides a solution for modern applications.

Enzinc has secured four out of five Electric Program Investment Charge (EPIC) Program grants from the California Energy Commission and, in 2022, closed a $4.5 million seed round led by Portland-based 3×5 Partners.


About Enzinc

Enzinc is a battery technology leader bringing the most powerful zinc-based battery to market. The company’s innovative zinc material enables established lead-acid battery manufacturers to triple their output and substantially improve their margins. Enzinc’s groundbreaking proprietary technology eliminates failure points and mitigates risks in the supply chain, resulting in superior batteries for mobile and stationary applications. Enzinc is based in California and has received awards from ARPA-E and the California Energy Commission to further its battery innovation, and raised a $4.5 million seed round in 2022. Find out more at enzinc.com, LinkedIn, YouTube and Twitter.


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