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EQTEC Restructures Debt Facility and Shifts Focus to Technology Innovation

News release by EQTEC PLC

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EQTEC CEO David Palumbo and COO Jeff Vander Linden joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss significant developments within the company, including the restructuring of its secured debt facility and a strategic pivot in its business model. The company's debt facility has transitioned to a refinance facility without fixed payments or conversion, a move aimed at enhancing EQTEC’s balance sheet and share price. This restructuring was supported by Riverford, a sophisticated venture debt provider, indicating strong confidence in EQTEC’s post-pivot business model.

The company also announced an equity placing to address its working capital needs, driven by increasing demand for their gasification solutions. This equity placement became necessary following a default by a previous funding subscriber, which adversely affected shareholder value. The placement, executed over a bank holiday weekend, aims to provide a financial buffer until the expected settlement with Logic by June 28th.

Vander Linden elaborated on EQTEC’s strategic pivot from being a technology-focused project developer to a technology innovator and licensor. This strategic shift has resulted in steady month-on-month revenue growth since Q4 2023, with margins projected to increase over 30% in 2024. EQTEC is now concentrating on collaborations with large, well-funded clients and has ceased development activities involving significant liabilities. This shift allows the company to focus on its core strength of advancing its research and development (R&D) capabilities, positioning EQTEC as a leader in the gasification technology market.

The strategic pivot has also enabled EQTEC to streamline its operations and focus on innovation, providing state-of-the-art gasification technology solutions to a broader market. This change is expected to yield higher returns and improve overall business sustainability. EQTEC's ability to adapt and innovate in response to market demands demonstrates its resilience and commitment to delivering value to shareholders and clients alike.

With the restructuring of its debt facility, EQTEC aims to secure a stronger financial foundation, which will support its growth and innovation goals. The company’s focus on R&D and collaboration with substantial clients ensures it remains at the forefront of the gasification technology sector. This strategic realignment is set to drive EQTEC’s success and enhance its competitive edge in the market.


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