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Ergo21 Announces New Bicycle Seat Cushion Cover Provides Health Benefits and Comfort New, No Compromise Seat Cover is Made in the USA and Protects Against "Butt Burn"

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Ergo21 today announced its new custom-made seat cushion cover is now available and ready to ship. The seat uses LiquiCell technology to reduce hot spots and improve blood flow. "If you want to ride forever without the butt burn, the Ergo21 Bicycle Seat Cushion is the perfect choice for regular and exercise bikes. The secret ingredient is the LiquiCell Membrane on top of an open cell foam and covered by a soft fabric"" explains Steve Gambhir, designer, and product specialist at Ergo21.

Positive Customer Impact

Ergo21 interviewed bicyclists, gym goers and spin enthusiasts and found most people were not happy with their seats. "We researched and evaluated the most popular brands and discovered they used molded foam, which is approximately 30% cheaper to manufacture since it simply requires some sewing. The trade-off is that it's closed-pore foam and it feels hard when you ride," said Gambhir.

LiquiCell Blood Flow Technology

Ergo21 sourced a custom density open cell foam from a local USA foundry designed to absorb road vibrations while not feeling hard on sitting bones. Custom made LiquiCell Membrane is then placed on top to protect sensitive skin tissues from breaking down while optimizing blood flow. "The biggest challenge we had since the foam was not molded is that it needed special manual double stitching.

After several months of trying different stitching methods, we finally were able to come out with what we consider the Best Bicycle Seat Cushion out there! Better than a Gel bicycle seat cushion or foam bicycle seat cushion" said Gambhir. The seat is double-stitched, available in 2 sizes, fits almost any seat, slips on easily and enables cycling or stationary bikes enthusiasts to simply tighten the draw-cord and go.

Shown Ergo21 Bicycle Seat Cushion cover - Regular size

Founded in 2010, Ergo21 offers wide range of Seat Cushions designed for office, driving, home, wheelchairs, and travel.

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