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Ethena Suffers Crypto Slump, As Raboo Outclasses TRON With Exceptional Activity

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The DeFi coins are in sharp decline, as they are yet to turn around their latest bearish losses. Ethena (ENA) is in a worse situation, as the token's community is furious at their latest token policy. Tron (TRX), on the other hand, hasn't resolved its TRX price issues, but its stablecoin trading has reached another milestone.

It's trying times for the top crypto coins, especially as their holders turn to meme coins like Raboo ($RABT) for profits this year. The $RABT presale is offering 233% ROI, but that surely isn't everything.

That $RABT presale could be your passport to profits this year.

Ethena revamp sparks criticism among traders

From 'fan favourites' to ‘heavily despised,' Ethena has made quite the drop lately. The token launched in February, doubling its opening price days after listing. Ethena's staking APYs and stablecoin trading have also endeared users to its blockchain.

There seem to be more scalp traders than actual investors on the network, skewing the actual capital value and hindering growth for the ENA token. To curb that, the developers released a statement requiring all new airdrop recipients to lock at least 50% of their ENA coins or risk losing them all.

The new policy is, no doubt, quite inconvenient for the users. And that might be a reason Ethena is trading at significant 23% losses in the past seven days. It's a huge dip, and we wonder how low the ENA price can get before it bottoms out.

Tron hits new stablecoin achievement; TRX price spikes, too

The Tron ecosystem has thrived on being user-friendly for years, as TRX-based transactions are never as costly to execute as transactions on other networks. Now, the traffic on Tron seems to be yielding rather positively; the stablecoin Tether had recently surged over $53 billion in trading volume.

That value is often reserved for payment processing outlets, like Visa and MasterCard, and Tron's USDT trading volume just leaped past theirs. Tether is gradually becoming a more popular token than even the top crypto coins; it is more used than BTC in Latin America.

And Tron holds about $100 billion worth of reserves in traditional banking institutions. That's an influential position to hold, and the ripple effects are impacting everything on the Tron platform, even the TRX price. It's on a three-day profit streak, and the consensus is that Tron might be back for the bull run.

Or not. Tron has never been the go-to coin for profits. The long game is a boring one, especially when you have far better tokens to cash out from.

Raboo's offer is still on the table.

Experience the future of memes on Raboo!

The meme coin sector is one of the most reactionary parts of the crypto market; the average investor won't go near a meme coin with a ten-foot pole. Yet, here they are all over Raboo–you can be sure it's not just presale profits they are after.

Raboo's real-world applications are centered on bringing the best out of memes, and there's no other meme project doing it better. With the prospects of AI development in sight, Raboo has incorporated a generative AI to assist with creating memes on the platform.

No, we won't be getting AI-generated content for memes, either. It's AI-enhanced, meaning that Rabooscan, the generative AI algorithm, will only be taking the meme creation process a step higher. With members of the Raboo community regularly posting their memeable pictures, Rabooscan will never run out of pictures and ideas to piece together.

Raboo is a call to join a growing community of like-minded meme lovers. At any rate, you're in for a fun ride.


The good news is, a fun ride isn't all you'd be getting from Raboo. The 233% presale profits, as we said, are just a tip of the rest of the goodies.

Raboo's potential growth will follow the trajectory of AI development in the crypto market. And as AI continues to penetrate the market, Raboo's value keeps rising.

There's some 10,000% profit to be gained as soon as Raboo makes a major exchange listing. So get ready for Raboo today; get your $RABT tokens at $0.0048 before the presale ends.

 You can participate in the Raboo presale here. 





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