Eureka Lithium starts 2023 exploration program at its underexplored Quebec region known as Nunavik | News Direct

Eureka Lithium starts 2023 exploration program at its underexplored Quebec region known as Nunavik

News release by Eureka Lithium Corp

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Eureka Lithium CEO Jeff Wilson joined Steve Darling from Proactive to share exciting news about the company's exploration activities in the Nunavik region. Eureka Lithium has commenced its 2023 exploration program, aiming to make the first-ever discovery of lithium-bearing pegmatite deposits in the region. This program was made possible following a successful capital raise of $6.7 million.

Wilson said that the company acquired the land in June 2023, which encompasses multiple lithium properties spanning a total area of 1,408 square kilometres across three major districts in Nunavik. The exploration program's Phase 1 has already begun in the New Leaf Camp and will progress northward. This approach enables Eureka Lithium to efficiently conduct first-pass mapping, prospecting, and sampling across all areas, facilitating the prioritization of drill targets for the upcoming Phase 2 in the summer.

The initiation of the exploration program signifies Eureka Lithium's commitment to uncovering lithium-bearing pegmatite deposits in Nunavik. The company's strategic approach, backed by the successful capital raise, allows for comprehensive exploration activities and the potential identification of valuable lithium resources. Through the systematic exploration of their acquired land and the subsequent drilling campaign, Eureka Lithium aims to uncover significant lithium deposits in the region.

The success of this exploration program could have far-reaching implications, as the demand for lithium continues to grow rapidly, driven by its crucial role in battery technologies and clean energy solutions. Eureka Lithium's exploration efforts in Nunavik hold the potential to position the company as a significant player in the lithium industry, contributing to the global supply of this critical mineral.


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