EV charging infrastructure stocks still "lingering at low valuations" - Solactive AG | News Direct

EV charging infrastructure stocks still "lingering at low valuations" - Solactive AG

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Solactive AG Head of Research Konrad Sippel speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive about two major developments from the world of electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure. He starts by highlighting Toyota's breakthrough announcement on solid-state batteries, projected for commercial use around 2027-2028.


These batteries promise a game-changing 1,200km range worth of charge in just 10-minutes - a development that would bring EV charging close to the level of speed and convenience of traditional fossil fuel refilling. He goes on to say that the European Parliament has passed legislation this summer mandating EV fast charging along major highways.


Sippel underlines the significance of this move in making EV charging akin to the convenience of petrol stations, allowing spontaneous long trips without extensive planning. By 2026, fast charging stations will be found at least every 60 km. He expresses hope that the two recent developments will help further convince the market of the permanence of the EV revolution, noting that EV charging infrastructure stocks are "still lingering at low valuations."


Sippel also addresses synthetic gasoline's potential role, but he views it as a luxury option due to high production costs compared to electricity. He goes on to predict the market will continue to see increasing EV registrations, with the transition from early adopters to mainstream adoption potentially occurring when EVs reach 50% of the market.


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