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Evion Group completes 2nd Digbee Assessment

Evion Group Ltd
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Digbee Limited founder and CEO Jamie Strauss and Evion Group NL (ASX:EVG) CEO Tom Revy speak to Thomas Warner from Proactive after the publication of Evion's 2nd Digbee ESG assessment. Revy says that part of the value of the Digbee assessment is that its an annual occurrence, describing it as a dynamic annual yardstick and crucial for risk management.

He adds that as Evion Group transitions from the study phase to the construction phase, the insights from Digby's review are pivotal in reshaping their policies, procedures, and stakeholder engagement strategies.

Strauss highlights the Evion Group's shift from exploration to development frameworks, emphasising the robustness of the process. He also pointed out the increasing industry trend towards sustainable and responsible practices, with companies benefiting from early strategic initiatives and effective stakeholder communication.

Both CEOs expressed optimism about the future, underscoring the growing role of ESG and ESG assessments in business. Strauss says "we're seeing fund flows moving to companies that are focused on sustainable and responsible practices."


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