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Fah Mai Holdings' Jacob Carter provides expert insights on whisky investment

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Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc (OTC:FMHG) UK head and manager of @whiskybullauctions Jacob Carter provides detailed advice for investors in the secondary whisky bottle market in an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion.

Carter emphasised the importance of conducting thorough research and developing a personal investment strategy, highlighting rarity and age as key factors in choosing investment bottles. He mentioned significant past investment successes, such as a 1964 Black Bowmore Aston Martin DB5 bottle bought for less than £100 and now valued at about £50,000. Carter advised using resources like Rare Whisky 101 to access data on highly traded bottles and stressed the necessity of understanding market dynamics, which can be influenced by distillery release schedules and other seasonal factors.

He also discussed the critical aspects of storage and insurance for investment bottles, suggesting that collectors work with auction houses that provide these services. Authenticity verification, according to Carter, can involve checking cask and bottle numbers or consulting with distilleries directly.


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