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Fah Mai Holdings' UK head says market pullback is an opportunity for buyers

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Fah Mai Holdings Group Inc (OTC:FMHG) UK head and manager of Whisky Bull Auctions Jacob Carter discussed trends in the whisky auction market with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion.

Carter noted that over the first three months of 2024, there has been a stabilisation in Scotch whisky prices, while Japanese whisky continues to experience a decline from its peak in April 2022. The bottle market is anticipated to improve and return to its former prominence by September 2024, offering bottle traders more market flexibility compared to cask trading, which requires a longer investment period.

Carter said a recent market pullback has created opportunities to purchase rare bottles at lower prices, potentially leading to profits as the market recovers. In line with Fah Mai Holdings' approach, he highlighted Whisky Bull Auctions' policy of transparency and honesty in market dealings to prevent investors and collectors from overpaying or getting stuck with unsellable items.

Reflecting on the past 12 months, Carter noted significant fluctuations in auction prices for rare whiskies, with some notable declines in value but an overall slow recovery in prices. He emphasised the importance of honesty and education in the whisky investment and collecting community.


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