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Family Office TV: Angelo Robles Interviews Jim “Big Red” Wetrich LIVE Today at 2PM Eastern Time Available on LinkedIn, YouTube and the News Direct Podcast Channel

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Jim "Big Red" Wetrich
Jim "Big Red" Wetrich
Angelo Robles
Angelo Robles

This afternoon at 2 PM ET, Angelo sits down with Jim “Big Red” Wetrich, a veteran leader with 40 years’ experience at more than 400 companies.

Angelo is excited to discuss Jim’s latest book Stifled: Where Good Leaders Go Wrong. Some of the questions include:

  • “The subtitle of your book, Dealing with the issues that result from unprecedented workplace change, seems quite timely. Could you elaborate on some of these issues and how your book addresses them?”

  • “Your book emphasizes that great leaders inspire, enable, and empower rather than control. Could you provide a couple of key examples from your career that illustrate how this approach has been successful?”

  • “Stifled appears to focus not just on what leaders should do, but also on what they should stop doing. Could you highlight a few common practices or behaviors that leaders often engage in, which can undermine their team's productivity?”

  • “In your book, you mention the need for transparency and the challenges of managing the quantum speed of business evolution. Could you provide insights into how leaders can strike a balance between transparency and adaptability?”

  • “The business landscape has witnessed significant shifts due to factors like the pandemic and social consciousness. How do these changes impact the leadership qualities and skills that are now crucial for success?”

  • “Diversity and inclusion are crucial topics in today's workplace. How does "Stifled" address these issues, and what advice would you offer to leaders striving to create more inclusive environments?”

Angelo also asks Big Red about

  • Do all effective executives have to learn to be effective?
  • Why adaptability is more important than efficiency?
  • Sequence, culture - behavior - results?
  • Why the ‘brand’ is important?
  • Why most thoughts — and even actions — don’t matter.
  • The majority of what you think you know is probably wrong, and most of what’s right doesn’t mean crap. Think about and take action on what matters. The Pareto Principle (or 80-20 rule). Your ability to assign probabilities to various outcomes is unimaginably important to your success in almost every area of life.


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About Angelo Robles

Angelo is the Founder, Family Office Association (FOA). He built FOA to become amongst the world’s most respected and successful membership organizations dedicated to family offices. In 2023, he sold his final interest in FOA.

Angelo has created and reimagined over 20 family offices for some of the world’s most successful families. Angelo guides these families on creating and sustaining generationally dynamic and engaging family offices that are humanly wise, cognitively flexible, digitally savvy, AI enhanced and authentically anti-fragile.

His core educational and consultative offerings are built around how to make and protect generational money.


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