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Faron Pharmaceuticals reports promising phase 1 results from BEXMAB study

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Faron Pharmaceuticals Limited (AIM:FARN) chief executive Dr Markku Jalkanen joins Proactive's Stephen Gunnion with additional positive data from the Phase 1 study of the ongoing bexmarilimab (BEXMAB) trial that has moved into Phase 2 for higher-risk (HR) myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) patients failed on previous hypomethylating agent (HMA).

Dr Jalkanen said the study demonstrated promising results in reducing cancer cells and extending life expectancy in patients. He highlighted the durability and effectiveness of the treatment, particularly in patients with a severe form of myeloid leukemia called MDS, where current treatment options are limited.

Dr Jalkanen said the Phase 1 results showed a high overall response rate and an extended overall survival rate among patients, which could lead to a new treatment option for an underserved patient population. He emphasized the importance of continuing the study and engaging with regulators to bring the treatment to market as swiftly as possible. He also noted the potential for increased interest from other pharmaceutical companies based on the positive data released.

Faron Pharmaceuticals has moved to the Phase 2 part of the study, focusing on finalising dosing and drug levels as per FDA guidance. The goal is to establish a clear pathway to market approval.


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