Fathom Nickel CEO happy with progress made in 2023 and plans for more drilling in 2024 | News Direct

Fathom Nickel CEO happy with progress made in 2023 and plans for more drilling in 2024

News release by Fathom Nickel Inc

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Fathom Nickel CEO Ian Fraser joined Steve Darling from Proactive provided a comprehensive overview of the company's notable achievements throughout the year 2023. Furthermore, he eloquently outlined the company's ambitious and promising plans for the upcoming year, 2024.

Fraser's positive outlook was palpable as he expressed his satisfaction with the significant strides Fathom Nickel had made in the past year and his unwavering optimism for the road ahead. One of the major highlights of Fathom Nickel's journey in 2023 was their dedicated focus on the Gochager Lake project. Fraser emphasized that the company had made substantial advancements in comprehending the intricacies of the project, particularly in terms of understanding the vertical shoots of higher-grade mineralization.

Regarding their plans for the Gochager Lake project in 2024, Fraser disclosed that the company has already set the wheels in motion to initiate another drilling program. This program is tentatively scheduled to commence in late February or early March, with meticulous attention to logistical considerations and weather conditions.

While Fraser acknowledged that market conditions had posed certain challenges in the latter part of 2023, he conveyed his optimism regarding improved market conditions in 2024.


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