Fathom Nickel locks on to new targets at Gochager Lake project using BHEM survey | News Direct

Fathom Nickel locks on to new targets at Gochager Lake project using BHEM survey

News release by Fathom Nickel

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Fathom Nickel CEO Ian Fraser joined Proactive's Steve Darling to share news the company has released details of its inaugural exploration campaign at the Gochager Lake project in Saskatchewan. The company drilled two holes to confirm the continuity of mineralization outlined in historical data on the property.

Fraser told Proactive the company also used, for the first time, borehole electromagnetics and the results were very successful in defining the high conductance nature of the nickel-bearing sulphides associated with this deposit.

Fraser explained that the EM surveys help determine the geometry and extent of the semi-massive sulfide lenses. By measuring the intensity and amplitude of the electromagnetic signals generated by charging the sulfides, the company gains insights into the mineralization's breadth beyond the drill holes. This information provides a better understanding of the deposit's 3D structure, allowing for more precise drilling locations.


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