Female-Led Supplement Brand, Reserveage, Launches Their First-Ever Topicals Offering with Pro-Collagen Skincare Line | News Direct

Female-Led Supplement Brand, Reserveage, Launches Their First-Ever Topicals Offering with Pro-Collagen Skincare Line

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The clinically-tested, science-backed skincare line features a proprietary formulation of microencapsulated copper peptides and nine world-class ingredients, so women can feel beautiful from the inside out in every stage of life

 Reserveage, one of the industry’s top leaders in wellness and beauty supplements for-women by women, has expanded its product portfolio to seamlessly blend outer beauty with inner wellness with the launch of their Pro-Collagen Booster skincare collection.

Founded on the premise of the needs and desires from women as it relates to skincare, the dermatologist-tested, cruelty-free (Leaping Bunny-certified), paraben and sulfate-free line promotes the appearance of youthful, collagen-rich skin on the most visible areas of the body - the face, eye, neck, hands and feet.

With a team of scientists, Reserveage utilizes unique technology to create innovative, efficacious products with patented and trademarked ingredients that are designed for whole body benefits, including their powerful microencapsulated copper peptides and nine world-class ingredients, including Dermaxyl®, Beautifeye®, EyelissTM, Matrixyl®, with proven results from 29 clinical studies. The brand’s unparalleled technology allows for copper to be absorbed into the skin more effectively, without oxidation in the form of microencapsulated copper peptides, supporting smooth and firm skin in the key areas most impacted by collagen degradation.

“When looking at the market opportunity, the skincare segment is the biggest and fastest-growing sector within the Beauty & Personal Care market,” said Yamit Sadok, Senior Director of Marketing at Reserveage. “Reserveage as a brand is already positioned as a premium beauty brand with Collagen-boosting nutritionals targeting skin benefits. Our foray into topicals allowed us to capitalize on the white space in the marketplace, while completing the inside and outside approach - ultimately enhancing the consumer experience while reshaping the way personal care products are formulated, marketed and used. We’re excited to get products into the hands of consumers and make our official debut into the topical landscape.”

The collection touts four inaugural products that give your skin some extra TLC, including:

  •  Pro-Collagen Illuminating Eye Cream ($49.99 MSRP): A proprietary formulation containing exceptional ingredients such as Beautifeye® to improve global eye contour appearance and reduce the appearance of crow's feet and under eye bags while diminishing the look of dark circles and puffiness.

  •  Pro-Collagen Firming Face Cream ($59.99 MSRP): This specialized face cream is infused with Matrixyl® synthé 6® to even skin tone appearance, smoothness and texture while reducing the appearance of facial fine lines and wrinkles.

  •  Pro-Collagen Firming Neck Cream ($59.99 MSRP): Designed to combat the appearance of sagging and loose skin around the neck and jawline with a rich neck cream that improves and maintains the look of skin’s elasticity with ingredients such as IdealiftTM.

  •  Pro-Collagen Hand & Foot Cream ($44.99 MSRP): Fade away the look of aging on hands and feet with an emollient hand and foot cream specially formulated with RevidrateTM to provide improved appearance of skin smoothness and tone on skin surfaces exposed to UV light.

"Reserveage’s new product line is incredibly exciting—it uses proprietary microencapsulated copper peptides that allow for maximal ability to promote the appearance of collagen-rich skin,” said dermatologist and Reserveage ambassador Dr. Tiffany Libby. “Copper peptides have been well studied and have been shown to help hydrate, minimize the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and stimulate the look of collagen-rich skin, all which are aimed to enhance the appearance of smooth and firm skin and minimize signs of aging."

The new and innovative product line takes a unique approach to skincare that is designed for whole body benefits. Boasting high-quality ingredients that are supported by robust audit and testing requirements to give your skin the products it deserves, the clinical study results show that key ingredients in Reserveage’s Pro-Collagen skincare line:

  • Reduces the appearance of eye bags by 52% within 2 months

  • Reduces the appearance of eye bag volume in 70% of volunteers within 2 months

  • Improves the appearance of skin sagging by 43.6% within 2 months

  • Improves skin moisturization/hydration by 34% in just 30 days

  • Increases the appearance of lifting effect by 28% within 2 months

Reserveage’s Pro-Collagen skincare line is available on their website, www.reserveage.tlcchealth.com, Amazon, and other retailers nationwide including Vitamin Shoppe. For more information, visit: https://reserveage.tlcchealth.com.

About Reserveage:

Founded by women. Led by women. Empowered by women. As a leading brand within the beauty and wellness supplement industry, Reserveage is redefining beauty by unveiling the notion that beauty is represented by so much more than meets the eye. Through an expansive portfolio of products including key ingredients such as Resveratrol, Collagen, Keratin and more, Reserveage seamlessly blends outer beauty with inner wellness. Bringing every product to the market with science-backed results, Reserveage ensures high-quality, innovative and effective products so women can feel beautifully healthy in body and mind in every stage of life. Available at some of the world’s top retailers such as Amazon, Vitamin Shoppe, CVS Pharmacy, Whole Foods, Natural Grocers, King Soopers, Vitacost, Iherb, natural stores nationwide and more. For more information, please visit Reserveage’s website and @reserveagenutrition on Instagram.


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