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Finixio Partners With Juice Academy To Give Aspiring Journalists Top Apprenticeships

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon London, Great Britain | March 18, 2024 07:23 AM Eastern Daylight Time

 Digital marketing agency Finixio are joining forces with Juice Academy to find and nurture the next best digital marketers in the UK.

Finixio provides the apprentice with on-the-job work experience, while Juice Academy provides them with the 20% of classroom-based learning to get their nationally recognised qualification.

In an age of worries around AI content and dwindling job opportunities for aspiring digital marketers, the Finxio and Juice Academy partnership couldn't come at a better time.

Companies are cutting costs which means jobs have been lost, with some even going as far as shutting down websites like Vice Media, but Finixio are an outlier in the industry as they continue their recruitment push.

The apprentice will get first hand experience in content creation and marketing from Finxio, who have an excellent track record of delivering top quality content to its clients in a variety of verticals such as gaming, cryptocurrency and finance.

This will also allow Finixio to give opportunities to individuals who may have struggled to get their foot in the door of the content world, or people who fancy a change of career.

Having a selection of apprentices from different backgrounds further pushes Finixio’s desire to expand their already diverse team of 300+ employees with new talent.

And with over 10 years experience in producing quality candidates for employers, the Manchester-based Juice Academy will be able to provide the next best in marketing talent to Finixio.


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