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First Phosphate announces positive results from pilot plant test

News release by First Phosphate Corp.

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First Phosphate Corp CEO John Passalacqua joined Steve Darling from Proactive to discuss the successful transformation of the company's apatite concentrate into high-quality Merchant Grade Phosphoric Acid (MGPA) through the Central Prayon Process.

Passalacqua shared the details of the milestone achievement, highlighting the company's accomplishment in producing a high-grade apatite concentrate with approximately 40.6% P2O5 content. He also emphasized the low impurity levels, particularly the low chlorine content, making the concentrate well-suited for further processing into high-purity phosphoric acid.

The company sent a 900-kilogram sample of its apatite concentrate, produced at the First Phosphate pilot plant facilities in Québec, to the Prayon Technologies facility in Belgium for testing. The objective was to evaluate the suitability of this concentrate for the production of battery-grade purified phosphoric acid.

Passalacqua mentioned that the pilot plant's operation was stable and straightforward, following the Central Prayon Process route.

The successful testing and transformation of the apatite concentrate represent a significant step for First Phosphate Corp. The company plans to provide additional details, including the full final report, as soon as it becomes available from Prayon, with expectations for release in Q4 2023. This achievement marks a significant milestone for First Phosphate Corp as it continues to advance its projects in the phosphate mining and processing sector.



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