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Fortifying and Future Proofing Our Cyber Security Commitment

News release by Clarivate

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“As we shift towards a digital workplace and implement our risk-based approach, we are working hard to remain nimble and vigilant. We’ve assembled an expert team to proactively monitor, identify and secure all areas of potential vulnerability to keep our information and systems safe.”

Christian Wagner,

When it comes to cyber security, many organizations discover their vulnerabilities too late – after something has gone wrong and they’re scrambling to repair the damage. At Clarivate, we take cyber security very seriously and it remains a top priority across our organization. We believe in staying proactive, informed and committed to continually reviewing, testing and strengthening our Information Security Risk Management program.

We use a risk-based approach to address compliance requirements by establishing continual, lock-step alignment with business priorities and customer needs. We make sure our standards, policies and security controls are defined, managed and tracked across all our products and services. To accomplish this, we have assembled a talented team of certified security subject matter experts located around the world who are highly focused on reinforcing our cyber security standards at all levels.

2021 goal

  1. Attain ISO 27001 Certification

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