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Free Psychic Reading Online From Top Psychics Of 2022: Fortune Teller For Accurate Readings Of Tarot Deck & Astrology Signs Online Psychic Reading

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When riddled with doubt and uncertainty, we often find ourselves looking for guidance from powers greater than ourselves. For thousands of years, people have sought direction from psychics. Psychics can provide hints about your future or a new perspective to deal with past events.

In the past, people would have to travel long distances to find a suitable psychic. Fortunately, modern technology means you can now get a psychic reading from the comfort of your own home. Online psychic readings are a great way to get quick guidance when feeling unsure about yourself. Additionally, online psychic readings allow you to find hundreds of qualified psychics that work for you.

We looked at countless online psychic reading websites to determine which ones provide the best service. Therefore, this article breaks down our top 5 list of the best online psychic reading sites you can visit today. We also go over a beginner's guide for those new to online psychic readings.

We also compare the differences between online and traditional readings, and finally, answer some frequently asked questions regarding online psychic readings.

Top 5 Online Psychic Reading Sites To Improve Your Life:

  1.  Purple Garden: Best Online Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading

  2.  Kasamba: Great Range of Psychic Specialties & Psychic Mediums

  3.  Mystic Sense: Popular Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot & Face Reading

  4.  Keen: Expert Psychics & Tarot Readers To Get Future Predictions

  5.  Psychic Oz: Psychic Community With Reliable Fortune Teller & Astrologers

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Purple Garden - Best Online Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot Reading

 Purple Garden is relatively new to the online psychic reading scene. However, they have proven themselves to be the number one destination for getting psychic readings in that short time. Purple Garden provides every psychic service you could wish for.

Services include tarot card readings, love readings, astrology readings, dream analysis, etc. Having several psychics in one place means it's easy to pick the perfect one for you. Each psychic has to go through a rigorous admission phase before they are allowed to operate in the Purple Garden. As a result, only qualified and experienced psychics are available at Purple Garden.


  • A Psychic For Everyone

 Purple Garden facilitates the connection between qualified psychics and everyday clients. With over a hundred psychics available, you're guaranteed to find one that's just right for you. In addition, each psychic has their bio and a short clip of who they are and what they can do for you. These profiles make it easy to see if they will be the right fit for you and can do what you are looking for.

  • Complete Transparency

Purple Garden prides itself on being completely transparent between psychics and their clients. Clients can see psychics’ ratings, how many sessions they've facilitated, and what their clients have to say about them, both the good and bad. As a result, you can decide who you want to have a reading from and leave your feedback about the experience.

  • Personal Psychic Finder

The best thing about Purple Garden is that you can set up a profile, and based on your desires and wishes, Purple Garden will find the best psychic to match your criteria. In addition, you get to filter psychics by their specialties. For example, if you're looking for a tarot card reading, simply click that box, and Purple Garden will recommend the best tarot card readers. Or perhaps you had a concerning dream and would like some clarification. Purple Garden has countless professional dream readers that can provide the answers to your questions.


  • A diverse range of psychics

  • Transparent

  • Professional services

  • Personal Psychic finder


  • Can be expensive

  • Some psychics are rarely available

What Customers Say

Many Purple Garden customers reported that it was their first online psychic reading and that they were ecstatic with the results. They love how easy it is to find a great psychic and love the various ways to connect with a psychic. As a result, Purple Garden is a fantastic place for people new to online psychics.

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Purple Garden 

#2. Kasamba: Great Range of Psychic Specialties & Psychic Mediums

 Kasamba is celebrating 20 years in the online psychic industry. They have a long reputation for providing accurate and insightful readings to over 3 million clients!

Kasamaba's psychics provide a wide range of services, including career readings, pet readings, tarot cards, aura analysis, etc. In addition to the readings, they also provide some reading points about what you can and should expect from a psychic reading and some helpful life advice blogs.

 Kasamba has the outstanding feature of listing all the top-rated psychics at the beginning of each page, making finding a great psychic a breeze.


  • Complimentary Minutes

While many online psychic services may offer free minutes to their customers, it's generally only for their first reading. However, Kasamba is different. Kasamba provides each of its clients five free minutes with every new psychic. Doing so is invaluable for clients trying to find a new psychic that works for them. In addition, you also get 50% off on your first reading.

  • Free Trial

Kasamba offers new users a free trial to determine what type of psychic specialty works for them. The free trials let users experiment with psychic readings and see if they are for them. Giving customers this chance shows that Kasamba is a trustworthy company that puts the interests of its customers first.

  • Wide Range of Specialties

While most online psychic reading sites provide a range of specialties, Kasamaba goes the extra mile. Kasamba offers psychics who can teach topics such as Eastern Philosophy, Universal Laws, Picture Readings, and much more. No other site offers this many specialties, and as a result, you're bound to find exactly what you're looking for.


  • A free trial is available.

  • Regular promotions

  • Best psychics for life advice


  • Outdated visuals

  • Live video readings are not available

  • Searching for psychics needs improvement

What Customers Say

Overall, customers give great reviews to the psychics on Kasamba, specifically praising their ability to provide readings that help with love and relationship building. Additionally, Kasamba customers are typically pleased with the regular promotions both the site and individual psychics offer.

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Kasamba 

#3. Mystic Sense: Popular Psychic Reading Platform For Tarot & Face Reading

We all love getting accurate psychic readings and peering into our future now and then, but unfortunately, our wallets might hold us back. That is not the case with Mystic Sense. Mystic Sense provides fantastic value for money and provides the ultimate customer satisfaction. Not only do you get complimentary minutes, but Mystic Sense will also give you a full refund should you find your psychic didn't meet your expectations.

Additionally, Mystic Sense separates its psychics into three tiers: top-rated, elite advisors, and master advisors. Each tier comes with its own rise in cost per minute, but you get the expected jump in the quality of your reading. As a result, everyone has an option. Whether you're just looking for a quick read or need some significant advice before a big decision, Mystic Sense has you covered.


  • Refunds for Unsatisfied Customers

If you are unhappy with the reading you received, you can get in touch with customer service, and they will promptly issue a refund in the form of up to five free minutes for your next session. So, while it's not a complete cash refund, it does allow you the comfort of being able to experiment with other psychics.

  • Tested and Proven Psychics

Mystic Sense goes the extra mile to ensure the psychics on their website are the real deal. Mystic Sense tests their psychics for accuracy and service quality every six months. As a result, you can be guaranteed to be treated professionally, respectfully, and receive helpful readings.


  • Superior customer service

  • Professional psychics

  • A 3-tier system to meet your budget


  • Difficult to find specialized psychics

  • Elite and Master services jump exceptionally in price

What Customers say

Customers love Mystic Sense because the tier system is excellent. In addition, the ability to choose the level of reading they desire is genuinely unique. Sometimes you don't need a reading that encompasses your whole past and what it means for your future. Sometimes you only want a little guidance on a small matter or need some quick relationship advice. Mystic Sense gives customers that opportunity, and at a very reasonable price.

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Mystic Sense 

#4. Keen: Expert Psychics & Tarot Readers To Get Future Predictions

 Keen has been a long-running psychic website specializing in love horoscopes and providing romantic guidance. They offer their services via phone calls, live video chats, and email readings. Keen has been featured in various popular magazines and websites, such as Cosmopolitan and Women's Health.

Their website is a little dated, but it is incredibly easy to navigate and find a phone psychic that fits your criteria. In addition, they always have close to a hundred live psychics online at any given time, so that you can get a reading ASAP.

The psychics on Keen all have great reviews, with many praising their accuracy, kindness and willingness to listen. In addition, some reviewers have stated that Keen's psychics go above and beyond to ensure their clients are happy and have reported great success in their relationships after a reading.


  • Keen App

 Keen has their app available on IOS and Android. As a result, finding a psychic and getting a psychic reading has never been easier. The app runs excellent and allows you to get in touch with your psychic whenever and wherever.

  • Free Minutes

Keen allows you to get to know a potential psychic before committing any funds. It's great because you have to find a psychic you can build a relationship with, and they have to be someone you trust. Generally, you'll know if they're the right fit for you within the first few minutes, so it's a bargain when those first minutes don't cost you a cent.


  • Interactive App

  • Accurate Psychics

  • Relationship psychic experts

  • Free minutes


  • Slightly outdated website

  • No free trial

What Customers Say

Keen has been consistently praised for its professional love and relationship psychics. Customers love the great selection of phone psychics and the wide range of options for connecting. In addition, Keen allows their customers to email their psychics with any questions, which is excellent for people who prefer not to live chat or have phone anxiety.

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Keen 

#5. Psychic Oz: Psychic Community With Reliable Fortune Teller & Astrologers

 Psychic Oz is a premium online psychic site that provides users with a host of online psychics with various specialties. Their website is neatly laid out and easy to use. Additionally, Psychic Oz allows its users to sign up for their site without having to link a credit card immediately. Doing so will enable you to explore the site and ensure it has what you want before making a financial commitment.

On top of this, Psychic Oz is currently running a promotion where they give you $10 worth of credits free just for signing up. That's more than enough to find a psychic you might like and see if it's for you.


  • Credit System

Most online psychic sites use a charge-per-minute system, but Psychic Oz is different. Instead, they allow you to purchase credit bundles with which you can engage in video calls, group psychic reading sessions, text chat, and more. While it might take some getting used to if you are used to the traditional method, we find it convenient and straightforward.

  • Educational Videos

A significant feature that sets Psychic Oz psychics apart from the rest is the educational videos they provide in their bios. Some psychics will provide their clients with some helpful self-help tips. It allows their psychics to build a fanbase and become more content creators than just psychics. It also allows you to check out a psychic before committing credits to them. Some of these videos are free, while others require payment.

  • Psychic Matcher

With a genuinely monumental number of psychics on the Psychic Oz site, it can be challenging to find the right one for you. Fortunately,Psychic Oz has a useful tool to match customers with psychics. The tool asks you a few short questions about what you're looking for, and within seconds, the best psychics who match your answers will be recommended.


  • Well designed website

  • Convenient credit system

  • Sign up for free credits

  • Free psychic self-help content


  • Difficult to find psychic ratings and reviews

  • No satisfaction guarantee

What Customers Say

Psychic Oz is highly recommended for those looking for a fresh and new way to interact with psychics. The live stream service is enjoyable to watch and allows you to get to know a psychic before you pay anything. In addition, many customers praise that they can be a part of a community and that this can lead to some genuinely magical interactions.

 ⇒ Visit the Official Website of Psychic Oz 

Factors To Consider When Choosing Psychic Sites For Real Readings:

Finding the right psychic for you can be both time-consuming and expensive. While the best psychic reading sites on this list make every effort to make this process easy for you, you can still take a few steps. As a result, we created a list of advice on what you should look out for when choosing an online psychic.

  • Credibility and Rating

When choosing an online psychic, the first thing you should look for is their rating. Unfortunately, many scammers and fakes give vague and open-ended tarot readings without ever forming a genuine connection. As a result, the best way to avoid these psychics is to go to the higher-rated psychics. High-rated psychics have earned that rating by providing customer satisfaction and in-depth psychic readings online. Therefore, we wouldn't recommend going past the first page of top psychics.

  • Reviews

Another great way to scope out a psychic is to read their customer reviews. Many online psychic sites do not let their psychics change or delete negative comments. As a result, you can read those comments knowing they haven't been influenced or altered by the psychic themselves. However, it is essential to take each statement with a pinch of salt as every reading can be different and is a subjective experience. Don't go into a reading expecting excellent results just because others did. However, sticking with those who have great reviews means it is more likely you will have a successful reading experience.

  • Complimentary Minutes/Credits

If you are new to online psych websites or looking to try a new type of reading, then finding a site that offers complimentary minutes is vital. Sites allow you to try out a psychic first before committing funds to create trust between the site and its users. It also shows they value your experience and are not in it to siphon money from you. It's also a great way to try new types of reading.

For example, maybe you have always preferred tarot card readings, but you recently had a weird dream and would like some clarification. Receiving free minutes to try out a dream interpreter means you get to see if dream reading is for you or not without having to spend money first.

  • Methods of Connecting

Choosing a site that allows you to connect with a psychic in different ways is convenient and welcoming. Not everyone feels comfortable discussing their personal lives in real time via video chat. As a result, being able to message our psychic whenever we need it is comforting and convenient.

Others seek community and connection, so joining live chat rooms or having face-to-face time is excellent. Having different communication choices is essential because it allows you to take full advantage of online psychic readings.

For example, messaging your psychic about your dream on your commute to work while having face time with them in the evening makes online psychic readings different and wonderful.

Online Psychics vs. Psychics Near Me:

Both online and offline psychic readings have their advantages and disadvantages. First, you must understand what they are and which one suits you best.

For starters, in-person psychic readings have the obvious advantage of being better at establishing a real connection with the psychic. In addition, when you visit a psychic in person, you get to experience the room's energy, see how they work close up and have a more intimate experience overall.

However, in-person phone and chat readings also come with a lot of disadvantages. For example, you need to consider the cost of the reading and transport to see the psychic. In addition, if you have a horrible reading experience, there's no customer service team you can rely on to get you a refund or credit. Finally, if you have never been to this psychic before, you risk not being able to form a solid connection with them.

This is where online psychic readings thrive. Online readings suit individuals who are always on the go but still want a convenient way to receive a reading. Online psychic sites provide more choices in the types of readings you can receive. In addition, you can change it up every week if you want. You also benefit from seeing previous customer reviews that help inform you if this psychic is right for you.

Finally, you don't need to worry about transport costs or the risk of not forming a connection. If one psychic doesn't meet your expectations, you have a hundred more to try, and you are bound to find one that does what you need.

Right now, online psychic sessions are far superior to in-person ones because of the sheer variety of ways to interact, the convenience they offer, and the excitement of being part of a greater psychic community.

FAQs Regarding Tarot Reader & Cheap Psychics Online:Q1. Are online psychics authentic?

Yes! Online psychics are the real deal. Many online psychic sites have rigorous tests and checks to ensure that the psychics on their sites are authentic. While a few frauds may slip through the cracks, it's generally a safe bet if you stick with top-rated psychics.

Q2. What is an online psychic reading?

Online psychic readings are generally facilitated using an online website where a psychic and customer connect online through various means. By using methods such as video chats, direct messaging, phone calls, or email, a psychic can connect with you and provide you with a reading from the comfort of your own home.

Q3. Are online psychic readings free?

Most online psychics charge their customers a set fee per minute. However, many online psychic reading sites will offer new customers free minutes on their first call. Other sites will have regular promotions. As a result, it is entirely possible to sign up with an online psychic site and take advantage of some free minutes or an entire first online psychic reading session.

Q4. Is online psychic reading real?

Yes! Many individuals who use online psychic readings report that the psychic was able to describe their situation down to the last detail and predict the event that happened to them the next day. However, each reading is different, and some receive readings that can change their lives, while for others, it is merely a fun exercise.

Q5. Who is the best online psychic reader?

Every psychic is different, and receiving a reading is subjective. As a result, it is difficult to say which online psychic reader is the best. However, all of the sites on this list provide professional and highly rated psychics that you can pick from. There is no best psychic, only the best online psychic for you.

Q6. How do you conduct a successful online reading?

There is a trick to make sure you get an accurate psychic reading without spending a large amount of money. The trick is to write down all your questions before you have the reading. Doing so ensures you don't waste time and money trying to convey exactly what it is you seek guidance for. Furthermore, asking your psychic precise and detailed questions means you are more likely to get clear answers.

Fortunately, some top tarot reading websites will require you to submit two questions to the psychic before starting the psychic reading session. As a result, you won't have to waste time explaining your predicament, and your psychic online can start with the reading right away. Again, doing so saves you money and time.

Concluding - Trusted Psychic Readings Services To Know How To Cast A Love Spell:

Online psychic readings are an exciting and convenient way to peer into your future or find guidance on important decisions. You can have access to thousands of professional psychics right from the comfort of your own home. However, choosing the best sites can be challenging. As a result, we created this list and provided the best five online psychic reading sites for 2022.

We went through countless sites and looked at hundreds of reviews, ratings, and experiences to determine the best sites. Once we narrowed down our list, we broke down each psychic reading site and listed their best features, pros and cons, and what their customers had to say.

Then we provided a beginner's guide detailing what you need to look out for when using online psychics. Following this, we argued the pros and cons of traditional and online readings. Ultimately, we believe psychic readings by phone to be superior due to their ease of use and convenience.

Finally, we answered some common questions about best online psychic readings.


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