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FreightTech 100 Dominated by Venture 53 Portfolio Companies Better Trucks, Emerge, Fillogic, Frayt, Highway and MyCarrier honored by FreightWaves

News release by Venture 53

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon ATLANTA | September 20, 2023 09:01 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Six companies backed by Venture 53 are honored in the FreightTech 100 list for 2024, dominating the early-stage recipients. The annual list announced this week spotlights the most innovative companies in the freight technology sector and includes the following Venture 53 portfolio companies:

Venture 53 is an early stage, pure-play supply chain and logistics focused venture capital firm with 3 active funds.

“Recognition on the FreightTech 100 is affirmation that our portfolio companies are changing the future of transportation and logistics,” said Venture 53 co-founder and industry veteran, Pat Martin. “We invest in growth companies using a proprietary formula to identify the most promising disrupters across 5 industry segments. Only integrated technology will shore up the age-old issues of supply chain efficiency”.

The announcement marks returning honors for Emerge, Fillogic and MyCarrier and welcomes Better Trucks, Frayt and Highway to the list, recognizing the companies for their recent innovations.

The FreightTech 100 list is produced by a panel of journalists, analysts and experts chosen by FreightWaves based on information from nearly 900 nominations.

This announcement sets the stage for the FreightTech 25, which will be revealed in November at the F3: Future of Freight Festival in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

‘We look forward to seeing our portfolio companies advance in realizing our mission to find and fund those companies that can help drive American productivity through transforming supply chains and it takes collaboration with insiders, outsiders, legends and visionaries to do so. We’d like to think we have all four to help these six make a real difference for our future,” said Dan White, co-founder and the CPG side of Venture 53.


About Venture 53

Venture 53 is a pure-play early-stage investment firm focused on solely on solving the problems plaguing supply chain and logistics. The firm invests across 5 supply chain verticals and works with those investments to accelerate 3 business areas sales, marketing and technology. Venture 53 is based in Richmond, VA and Atlanta, GA.


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