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From Paper to Precision: How Chakow is Changing the UK’s Toilet Habits one flush at a time Chakow’s unique bidet attachment is the key to creating a more sustainable, hygienic and cost-effective alternative to toilet paper in every UK bathroom

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 Chakow, the UK’s first dedicated bidet supplier, is delighted to announce the launch of its unique bidet attachment to the UK market. It’s the first step in a bold plan to move the nation away from its toilet paper addiction, towards a greener, more sustainable future.

The Chakow bidet attachment can be fitted to your existing toilet in less than ten minutes without the aid of a plumber, and instantly creates a hygienic, cost-effective alternative to loo roll that is much better for the environment.

The UK is one of the biggest consumers of toilet paper in the world. While bidets are the standard in many parts of Europe and Asia, they have never really caught on in UK bathrooms. But, with public awareness around sustainability improving all the time, that might be about to change.

Toilet paper is the ultimate ‘use once, throw away’ consumer item. It has a shorter life-span that any single use plastic, and, despite attempts to improve recycling and make products biodegradable, the humble loo roll still has a devastatingly high carbon footprint.

Millions of trees are cut down every day to meet the nation’s toilet paper demands, while ‘luxury’ alternatives such as wet wipes are even worse for the environment, often ending up in landfills and waterways.

If just 10,000 UK households switched to using a bidet for a year, the carbon emissions saved would be the equivalent of driving a family car around the world 861 times. It would also save a significant amount of water, as each bidet flush uses only about a cup of water, compared to 47 gallons of water used to manufacture one roll of toilet paper.

The Chakow bidet - a testament to form and function

While the environmental benefits to using a bidet are staggering, moving away from toilet paper permanently is also much more cost-effective and hygienic. The UK’s reliance on toilet paper is largely cultural and driven by a fear of the unknown. The simple fact is that in many parts of the world, bidets are - literally - part of the furniture, and provide a sense of cleanliness and freshness that toilet paper can never match.

Chakow is also committed to making the switch to bidets easy on the family finances. There is a low, one-off cost to installing the bidet attachment which can be recouped very quickly with the money saved from removing toilet roll from the weekly shop. In the long run, families can expect to make huge savings while also doing their bit for the environment.

Chakow Bidet Features:

  • Sleek, modern design with each knob meticulously crafted from a single billet of aluminium

  • Non-electric for easy installation and maintenance

  • Uses your existing water supply from your toilet cistern tank and warm water from your home heating system

  • Easy to fit in less than 10 minutes with all the components provided and no plumber required

  • Backed by a friendly Chakow consultant team who are always available to help

  • Designed in the UK by a bunch of Brits trying to change the nation’s toilet habits one flush at a time!


“Switching from toilet roll to bidets is more about mindset and tradition than anything else,” says Bikke Chettri, Founder of Chakow. “But we are not talking about a drastic lifestyle change here. We believe that by creating and designing a simple, superior, and eco-friendly product, we can inspire small yet impactful changes in day-to-day life. Our vision is to create a movement towards a more modern, hygienic, and environmentally conscious bathroom experience for everyone in the UK.”


Chakow Toilet Bidet
Chakow Toilet Bidet

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