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Frontier IP returns to profit with strategic portfolio advances

Frontier IP Group PLC
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Frontier IP Group PLC (AIM:FIPP) CEO Neil Crabb discusses the company's interim results in an interview with Proactive's Stephen Gunnion, highlighting a return to profitability and a good performance despite challenging market conditions.

The firm reported a profit of £1.4 million in the first half, attributed to the rising value of its portfolio, primarily driven by external fundings. Additionally, the company successfully exited its investment in CNT, realising a substantial return of approximately £14 million from an initial book cost of less than £2,000, demonstrating the potential of its model for long-term shareholder value.

The interview also covered the potential IPO of Alusid, a company focused on producing green tiles from recycled materials, indicating significant commercial traction and partnerships, including with Starbucks. This development is seen as pivotal for Alusid's growth and potential market readiness.

Furthermore, Crabb outlined the progress and prospects of other portfolio companies, including significant investments in companies like Camgraphic, focused on enhancing photonic performance using graphene, and Pulsiv, which is innovating in power conversion technology. These developments are aimed at addressing the increasing demand for more efficient and scalable technologies across various sectors.

Despite the expectation of continued market difficulties, Crabb believes Frontier IP's focus on innovation, cost reduction, and scalability, particularly in manufacturing, positions the company well for future growth. The portfolio's strategy involves leveraging existing infrastructure to expedite market scaling, which is seen as an advantage in the current economic climate.


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