FS is on a Mission to Unleash Human Creativity. With a Relaunch of its Trend Forecasting Platform, the Future’s Looking Brighter for all Creators | News Direct

FS is on a Mission to Unleash Human Creativity. With a Relaunch of its Trend Forecasting Platform, the Future’s Looking Brighter for all Creators

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Earlier forecast timelines, dedicated specialty areas, advanced color inspiration, smoothly integrated with AI-powered market tracking and design tools — empowers creators to map their path ahead with extraordinary clarity.


FS (Fashion Snoops) announces the relaunch of its popular future forecasting platform. The new rendition streamlines the product creation process; makes it more intuitive, interactive, and creatively fulfilling.

Putting power into the hands of the creators, the FS platform provides advanced inspiration aimed to spark future ideas and help track what's happening in the market. Its range of custom tools enable subscribers to gather creative intelligence across retail, runways, trade shows, and social media. Most importantly, they help curate those discoveries into cutting-edge creative strategies and concepts. All in a format that is easy to customize, share, or export into design software.

"The problem for creators today is not a lack of information, but rather an overload of it. That's where we come in,” explains Itay Arad, Co-founder and CEO at FS.

"Instead of just offering more, we present our clients with incisive, inspiring content that is easy to find and ready to provoke action."

As a company with a purpose to unleash human creativity, the FS forecasting platform offers creatives a way to find joy and inspiration in the product development process. Once again. Feeding their imagination and passion for creating products that aren't driven solely by data or recent fads but by genuine innovation.

"We realized that the market is desperately looking for a way to rekindle inspiration,” says Lilly Berelovich, Co-founder and Chief Creator at FS.

“We are seeing too many brands and retailers trading in curiosity for a false sense of certainty. Relying so heavily on data and past successes that creativity and innovation are quickly diminishing. It's a catch-22 situation.” Berelovich continues, “Everyone is trying to figure out what consumers want, while the consumers are simply looking to be surprised and excited by newness from the brands ... from our commitment to unleashing human creativity, we aim to help the market break this exhausting cycle.”

Here are the highlights of features and tools on the renewed FS futures platform:

TRACK AREA: FS subscribers can keep their finger on the pulse of what's happening across retail, social media, runways, and trade shows. FS's unique sorting and filtering algorithms make identifying trends and discovering inspiration for their future assortments fun and easy.

EXPANDED CATEGORIES: Due to popular demand, the FS team has invested in and grown the offering for Activewear, Swimwear, and Intimates. Creators in these areas now have a section that speaks their language and focuses on their unique needs.

COLOR TOOLS: FS's powerful suite of color tools includes a dynamic palette builder, an AI-enhanced runway color tracker, and the ability to search the platform's images by color. Aided by these tools and FS's in-depth color reports, subscribers can create their own original color palettes or use the ones built by FS as a starting point. Individual color chips and entire palettes can now be easily exported and uploaded to design software like Adobe Photoshop and InDesign.

PATTERN + GRAPHICS AREA: Inspiration across markets or an individual design category can be found while accessing FS's popular pattern and graphics reports in one convenient place.

ASSET GALLERY: FS team's editorial content, which includes mood images, bespoke videos, original art, CADs, and color palettes, is easy to browse through, save, and share.

MY FS AREA: Subscribers can access all their saved multimedia content (reports, videos, images, palettes, individual color chips) and drag-and-drop pieces to curate visually compelling mood and concept boards.

The FS Trend Platform
The FS Trend Platform


For over 22 years, FS (Fashion Snoops) has been a leading force in trend forecasting. Our curious team of experts serves clients in over 50 countries from the worlds of fashion, accessories, home decor, beauty, wellness, and other consumer-facing industries. With a powerful-yet-intuitive digital platform and decades of industry insight, FS is known for collaborating closely with clients. From boutique brands to Fortune 500 companies, we are helping to chart their path to a thriving business.

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