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Fueling Winter Adventures: ReadyWise Outdoor's Game-Changing Winter Sport Meal Hacks

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As winter sports enthusiasts gear up for an exhilarating season, ReadyWise Outdoor unveils a collection of meal hacks designed to elevate the outdoor experience for skiers, snowmobilers, ice fishermen, backcountry snowshoers, and more. With a focus on convenience, warmth, and nutrition, ReadyWise offers an innovative approach to outdoor dining during winter escapades.


Skiing/Snowboarding- Fuel Your Adventure On the Go:

Maximize your time on the slopes by ditching expensive ski lodge lunches and opting for ReadyWise Outdoor meals. Designed for on-the-go consumption, these meals can be conveniently pre-made, making them ideal for eating on the chair lifts or the side of the mountain. Simply add hot water and seal the pouch for a warm meal that when stored inside a jacket can double as a personal heater as the meal cooks.


Snowmobiling - Lightweight and Easy to Pack:

ReadyWise Outdoor meals are a game-changer for snowmobilers, providing lightweight and easy-to-pack sustenance for the journey. Perfectly fit into your bag or pack, these meals ensure a hassle-free and delicious fuel source to keep you going through your snowmobiling adventures, especially those that take you far off the beaten path.


Ice Fishing - Warm Up with ReadyWise:

Transform your ice fishing experience with a hot ReadyWise meal. Whether it's breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these quick and easy meals are designed to keep you warm and satisfied. Long days in the ice fishing hut transform into memorable meals. These pair perfectly with your favorite beverage while waiting for the big one.


Backcountry Snowshoeing - No Fuss, No Mess:

Embrace the simplicity of backcountry snowshoeing with ReadyWise Outdoor meals. With no fuss and no mess, these meals are designed to be cooked and consumed directly in the pouch, ensuring a lightweight and convenient solution for your snowshoeing excursions. Whether you are out for the day in the snowy backcountry or snowshoeing overnight on a hut trip, these high-calorie, high-protein meals will give you the fuel you need to weather the cold!


Adventure Meals Beyond Camping:

ReadyWise Outdoor's adventure meals extend beyond traditional camping fare, offering the perfect solution for any outdoor endeavor. The meals are meticulously crafted to meet the needs of outdoor enthusiasts, providing a satisfying and nutritious option for those seeking high-quality fuel for their winter adventures.


Elevate your outdoor adventure with ReadyWise Outdoor's new Pro Meal lineup, featuring eight expertly curated options. Four meals are crafted with top outdoor athletes, including Jeff Garmire, Zelzin Aketzalli, Ike Eastman, and Andrew Alexander King, ensuring premium quality and essential nutrients for peak performance. The remaining four Pro Meals have the same gourmet quality but also champion meaningful causes. Three Meals, in collaboration with major trail organizations like the Pacific Crest Trail Organization, Continental Divide Trail Coalition, and Appalachian Trail Coalition, supports and gives back to the breathtaking trails that fuel our adventures—a purchase that keeps giving. The fourth Pro Meal, in partnership with One Tree Planted, contributes to sustainability by planting more trees with every purchase.


With these innovative meal hacks, ReadyWise Outdoor is excited to offer winter sports enthusiasts a new level of convenience, flavor, and nutrition. To explore the full range of outdoor meals, visit the ReadyWise Outdoor website at https://readywiseoutdoor.com/ and check out our amazing range of Pro Meals at https://readywiseoutdoor.com/collections/all-pro-meals-and-pro-bundles.



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