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Functional Fitness Brand, P.volve Announces Transformative Rebrand to Revolutionize the Fitness and Women’s Wellness Industries The functional fitness Method launches a new movement category, a scientist-formulated recovery product, an expert Clinical Advisory Board and vows to get 30 million women moving functionally by 2030

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 P.volve, the functional fitness brand revolutionizing the way women move, live and feel, announced today a transformative rebrand to bridge the gap between fitness, women’s health and physical therapy. With this new company-wide direction, P.volve will unveil a whole new look and feel to their online and brick-and-mortar presence by gracefully connecting movement to the essence of nature through neutral colors and textures reflective of our environment. Additionally, the brand will introduce a new, life changing category of fitness called ‘Movement Therapy’; announce their expert Clinical Advisory Board, launch their first-ever ingestible recovery solution and more. With these monumental enhancements to the brand’s vision, purpose and mission, P.volve is for women to sculpt their body, support long-term health and restore vitality by delivering powerful, steadfast results.

P.volve, which derives from the phrase ‘Personal Evolution’ is doing just that - helping millions of women evolve with their body through every stage of life, building the most powerful version of themselves with a workout to strengthen, sustain and recover. Focusing on ‘Natural Connection’, this new brand direction celebrates and honors the beautiful fluidity of nature and the human body, shown throughout every aspect of the rebrand.

“We are thrilled to reintroduce P.volve as a Method that is disrupting the way we look at movement and teaching women all over the world to expect more from their fitness,” says Co-Founder, Rachel Katzman. “So many women, myself included, have been let down by traditional fitness, left not meeting goals and broken down. With this movement you can exceed all your goals - the butt you always wanted, mitigate everyday pain, balance your hormones and overall feel the best you’ve ever felt in your body. I speak with members of all ages every single week and continue to be inspired and motivated by the stories they share about how P.volve has helped strengthen, nourish and restore their bodies throughout their lives. Our method, our experience, our equipment, and now our first-ever recovery supplement are all designed to evolve with a woman’s body over time so she can feel the life changing power of daily, functional movement.”

With the goal of opening 250 brick-and-mortar studios by 2025 and getting 30 million women to move functionally by 2030, P.volve will be rolling out the following initiatives to create a comprehensive, best-in-class and cutting-edge experience for their members and beyond:

  • Bridging the Gap Between Healthcare and Fitness:

    • Building a World-Class Clinical Advisory Board - P.volve’s Clinical Advisory Board (CAB), made up of seasoned medical doctors and experts, including Dr. Amy Hoover, Dr. Nima Alamdari, and Dr. Suman Tewari collaborate to create workouts, advise on equipment and develop new products. Together, they are helping us to ensure that the P.volve Method is rooted in science and research. Currently P.volve's trusted team of experts are going through multiple clinical trials, including three with the University of Exeter in the UK, a top 10 globally ranked university in sports related subjects. The studies will focus on muscle recovery strategies as well as the impact of the method on young and older adults; slated for completion in 2025. Most recently, preliminary results in a University of Minnesota clinical study of adults with chronic lower back pain showed that 12 weeks of the P.volve Back Strengthening Series workout (whole body low-intensity exercises that focus on the pelvic floor and strengthening the core): significantly reduced pain, improved body awareness and strength and reduced fearful avoidance of movement. Lower back pain is an ailment that up to 80% of Americans will develop in their lifetime, with up to 15-20% of adults reporting it in an average year.

    • ‘Prescribing P.volve’ Pilot Program - While P.volve is not a medical treatment that requires a prescription, Dr. Amy Hoover, Founding P.volve CAB member and Resident Physical Therapist specializing in pelvic health, is spearheading a pilot program with a network of doctors throughout the U.S. whereby they recommend P.volve’s Movement Therapy programming to patients as part of their continuous care treatment plan. “Many people are failed by the healthcare system when it comes to fitness, movement and exercise. They are told to exercise, but then not guided on what works best for their specific body. I love this method because it not only helps to restore proper muscle balance and biomechanics, but also teaches people about how their body works. P.volve connects them to their own body and helps them identify their own specific needs, which empowers them to help restore themselves through movement. I use this method to complement treatments for my patients,” says Dr. Hoover.

    • Partnerships in Healthcare - As part of its mission to help 30 million women move better and live better by 2030, P.volve is partnering with top healthcare brands such as Ovia Health, Spring Fertility, Medicare Fitness Programs, Amazon Halo, Integrative Institute for Nutrition and Sugarbreak. Together, they are providing holistic solutions and resources for women, while making the P.volve Method more accessible to those who need it most.

  • Introducing a New Category of Fitness: As part of the mission to elevate what women can expect from their fitness routine, P.volve launched Movement Therapy, a new category of workouts developed by expert Trainers in collaboration with the Clinical Board. These programs deliver strong, balanced and resilient physiques, while also addressing the pain points and sensitivities that patients and members commonly experience. This includes female-specific need-states, such as pelvic floor health, managing symptoms related to menstrual cycle, workouts for pre and post natal, and managing with endometriosis. It also addresses everyday aches and pains related to knees, hips, back, wrists and more.

  • Accelerating Recovery: P.volve believes that daily, functional movement is necessary for a woman to live a healthy and sustainable life. Understanding that muscle recovery is a critical component to the ability to move daily with ease, P.volve is launching a great-tasting, easy to use, and scientifically-backed powdered recovery solution, Recover 9, to enable members to recover faster and experience less muscle soreness. The formulation was developed in partnership with scientists and includes all nine essential amino acids and pomegranate fruit extract. This first-of-its-kind blend is sourced from best-in-class ingredients and manufacturers, is vegan, sugar-free, non-GMO, contains no artificial flavors, and is free of gluten and all major allergens. Recover 9 joins P.volve’s pre-existing proprietary product line up, including the p.ball,, and p.3 trainer.

  • Member Advisory Board: With a strong legacy of using member feedback to drive key business decisions, P.volve appointed an official Member Advisory Board comprised of brand advocates globally. The Board meets virtually every month and uses WhatsApp daily to communicate and share feedback with P.volve Leadership. The Board is charged with bringing the voice of the member to the team so that member feedback is consistently represented and prioritized across the business.

With a belief that women have been underserved by traditional fitness modalities, P.volve is raising the bar within industry and teaching women all around the globe to expect more from their fitness - because any fitness can deliver toned physiques, but the ability to both strengthen and restore the body is the future. With an expert Clinical Team, University-led Clinical Trials, a growing list of partners within the healthcare space and a new category of Movement Therapy, this is just the beginning for P.volve.



P.volve is a leading science-backed, holistic fitness Method for women that harnesses the power of functional movement to nourish and heal while it shapes, tones, and strengthens. The Method supports women’s evolving needs and empowers its members to move with ease—for life. Experienced in-studio and virtually, P.volve offers a growing franchise studio footprint, proprietary equipment, an on-demand and live-streaming platform, and a recovery supplement. P.volve launched in November 2017 and was co-founded by Rachel Katzman, in partnership with Camelot Venture Group, whose portfolio companies include 1-800 CONTACTS, SmileDirectClub and Quicken Loans. Available worldwide, P.volve is headquartered in New York City. For more information, please visit and @pvolve on Instagram.


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