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Garde Robe by UOVO Launches App and Expands into Bridal The fashion and wardrobe storage and preservation firm expands its suite of services

News release by Garde Robe by UOVO

facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon New York, NY | June 27, 2023 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

Garde Robe by UOVO, the leading wardrobe storage and services firm established in 2001, is pleased to announce a first of its kind digital closet app as well as dedicated bridal storage services.

The MyCloset app represents Garde Robe by UOVO’s commitment to providing its clients with a unique and seamless level of service. The app fuses the Garde Robe by UOVO experience with the most up to date digital technology. OrbitVu 360° cameras photograph items to be uploaded to each account for inventory and insurance purposes. Clients can then view and access their wardrobe on the app and schedule seamless, white-glove pick-up and delivery. Soon to come is the shareable MyStyle function where clients or their stylist can create and save looks based on items in their Closet. For example, a client or stylist can create looks in the app, then Garde Robe by UOVO will pull, pack and ship domestically and internationally, ideal for special occasions, change of seasons or luggage-free travel.

Garde Robe by UOVO is also introducing storage services specifically dedicated to bridal to provide clients with a luxury alternative to the common practice of pushing your beloved gown to the back of your closet or storing with a local dry cleaner. Clients can have their gown, suit and accessories cleaned by a third party and prepped for storage, or Garde Robe by UOVO will assess the needs of the gown and other garments onsite to be packed in acid-free tissue in a custom size box with specific care requirements to ensure long-term preservation.

“We are thrilled to introduce the My Closet app and bridal storage services to our clients,” said Brennan Lowery, General Manager, Garde Robe by UOVO. “Our goal is to always meet and exceed our clients’ needs with the most innovative technology, services, and facilities possible. The MyCloset app brings a new level of ease and access, so that clients can interact with their wardrobe and collections as if they’re shopping on a luxury e-commerce platform. Additionally, clients can choose to work directly with their Wardrobe Manager for direct, custom one-to-one service.”

Like UOVO at large, Garde Robe by UOVO is more than just storage. Staffed by professionals with dedicated expertise and scholarship within the field of fashion, Garde Robe’s suite of services is on par with luxury hospitality and museum-grade archiving and preservation. All clients have access to climate-controlled storage, preservation, shipping, luggage-free travel, private viewing rooms, archiving, cataloging, mending, and cleaning at three state-of-the-art UOVO facilities that are specifically outfitted for garment and accessories care in Brooklyn, Los Angeles and Palm Beach.

The announcement of these expanded services reflects an ambitious new chapter of increased resources, services, and capacity under new ownership for Garde Robe by UOVO. UOVO, which began as a boutique art storage and collection management company, has expanded its portfolio to include wine and fashion, acquiring Garde Robe in 2021, and more recently, Domaine, the premier storage, advisory and logistical firm for wine connoisseurs in the U.S. market, earlier this year. UOVO Fashion is equipped to manage the collections and wardrobes of commercial and private clients with enhancements to existing services and expansion into new offerings.


Garde Robe by UOVO offers more than just wardrobe storage to create a unique experience on par with elite hospitality. Operating at a concierge level, Garde Robe by UOVO offers comprehensive stewardship of both world class brand and personal collections at state-of-the-art facilities across the U.S. Our suite of services includes maintenance, preservation, archiving, cataloging, luggage-free delivery and storage, managed through one-to-one personal relationships as well as full digital optimization.


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