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Genomic Life to Present at Business Group on Health’s Annual Conference Leaders in genomics will present key innovations in genetic testing, cancer treatments, and maintaining a healthy workforce

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Genomic Life, a leading genome benefit management company with a mission of providing innovative benefit services to employers, will present at the Business Group on Health’s annual conference. The Business Group on Health’s annual conference brings together experts and employers related to health benefits and health care policies. This year’s theme is “Collaborating on the Future of Health and Well-Being,” and will be held between April 19-21, 2022 at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel.

The company has an over-arching goal of making affordable clinical-grade genetic testing available to everyone, genetic testing plays an essential role in managing proactive health, informing individuals of their health risks and pre-existing conditions they would not have known about otherwise. Genomic Life helps facilitate the most appropriate testing at the highest quality labs with access to clear results and expert genetic counseling. These services help patients and their physicians turn those genetic insights into precise and timely actions.

On Tuesday, April 19, 2022, from 9 – 11 a.m. CDT, Genomic Life will host an invite-only breakfast event panel at the nearby historic Union Station Nashville Hotel. Guests can also join virtually via Zoom. The panel will be focused on the future of proactive health and the power of genetic testing, hosted and moderated by WKRN-TV News anchor Nikki Burdine of “Good Morning Nashville,” and will feature Genomic Life executives, Karen Ferrell, MBA (Chief Executive Officer); Randy Scott, PhD (Executive Co-Chairman); Tod Klingler, PhD (Head of Product and Innovation); Robert Green, MD, MPH (Medical and Clinical Advisor); and Noël Rihm Obourn (Chief Commercial Officer).

“Health technology is accelerating at a rapid pace and employers are looking for innovative ways to keep their employees healthy and engaged,” said Genomic Life CEO Karen Ferrell. “We are working with employers to take the guesswork out of genetic testing and services and help individuals and their own physicians be proactive and precise about their health and well-being.”

On Wednesday, April 20, 2022 from 2-2:30 p.m. CDT, Genomic Life Executive Co-Chair Randy Scott, PhD will present a breakout session titled “Innovations in Cancer Screening and Genetic Testing” at the Business Group on Health’s annual conference. The discussion will cover how employers can leverage the power of genetic testing, precision medicine and clinical policy to strengthen their overall benefit strategy. Dr. Scott will be joined by Scott Osler, Vice President of Employer Partnerships at Grail, Inc.

“Being in the field of genomics for more than 30 years, including leading the development of two revolutionary cancer diagnostic tests, I have learned a lot about how a preventive approach to healthcare can truly make a difference,” said Dr. Scott. “Our team at Genomic Life is hard at work offering comprehensive genetic testing services that span a lifetime of health benefits. We look forward to helping anyone and everyone we can make proactive, personalized and precise healthcare choices that positively impact their lives.”

Genomic Life currently offers three types of genetic screenings to unlock precise and relevant healthcare insights, before illness occurs:

  • Genetic Health Screen (GHS): A 147 gene panel that includes genetic predispositions to specific serious illnesses (cancers, cardiac, neurology, and more).

  • Pharmacogenomics (PGx) Screen: With 25 biomarkers, this screen highlights drug-gene interactions and efficacy, informing the patient and physician which prescriptions and dosages are optimal, which are harmful, and which aren’t likely to do anything at all.

  • Carrier Screen: A 289 gene panel that identifies critical recessive traits for those who are focused on family planning. The results include details about hereditary diseases that can be passed on to offspring and may compromise pediatric health. The results are coordinated with one’s OB-GYN to help take actions to understand and mitigate risks.

Additionally, genomic insights are pivotal in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer; Genomic Life’s Cancer Guardian solution works with cancer patients and their own oncology team to facilitate best practices, ensuring that cancer patients benefit from the most precise, genomically-informed treatments.

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Founded in 2017, Genomic Life is a leading genome benefit management company making affordable, clinical-grade genetic testing available to everyone, with a mission to provide innovative benefit services to employers. Genomic Life is helping close the gap in healthcare by working directly with employers to provide access to affordable genetic testing services that will enable them to seek better medical care and fill in the technology, innovation and healthcare gaps missed by health insurance companies.For more information, visit


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