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Getir and Copia Reach Milestone Addressing Food Insecurity Rapid delivery service has now donated over 80,000 pounds of food to local nonprofits, saving 8 million gallons of water waste

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facebook icon linkedin icon twitter icon pinterest icon email icon CHICAGO, IL | September 23, 2022 10:55 AM Eastern Daylight Time

In recognition of Hunger Action Day, rapid grocery delivery app Getir has reached a milestone of 80,000 pounds of food donated to Copia, a technology company that connects food donations to local not-for-profits in need. By diverting the 84,404 pounds of perfectly edible donated food from landfills, Getir donated 70,336 meals, reduced 377,284 pounds of C02 and saved 8,355,957 gallons of water.

As Getir’s partner since March 2022, Copia – the world’s first end-to-end solution that addresses both food waste and hunger – has matched donated food from Getir storefronts in Chicago, New York City, and Boston, and delivered it to local nonprofits throughout each city.

This is exactly the type of impact we wanted to have when we began partnering with Copia earlier this year,” said Langston Dugger, head of U.S. operations for Getir. “At an inflationary time when food insecurity has only worsened, I’m proud of the hard work and commitment to this partnership by our storefront employees. The work continues. Our goal is to collaborate with the local actors, be an active part of the community and we always focus on the well-being of people. We are committed to the city and the country, and we would like to be part of the cycle, give back what we receive and contribute to improve the lives of those who need it most.”

There is 3x more food produced for human consumption than there are mouths to feed, costing Americans more than $150 billion in food each year. Hunger is not a scarcity issue, but rather a logistics one. Getir and Copia’s partnership is a perfect example of how this problem can be solved, through technology.


Hunger Action Month is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate the positive impact our donors are making, like Getir, to solve our very real hunger problem,” said Kimberly Smith, CEO of Copia. “Witnessing how well received Getir’s efforts are amongst their communities, customers and employees is always a great honor for us.”

Getir and Copia have formed local partnerships with nonprofit organizations to ensure the donations reach people who need it most - including the Salvation Army, The Bowery Mission (NYC), The Dwelling Place (NYC), Community Solutions of Illinois and the Boston Rescue Mission.

"The Getir donations we've received have been amazing,” said Deborah Pollack, President of The Dwelling Place. “They've included avocados, strawberries, an amazing amount of fresh fruit, and more. The items serve a very different and crucial component to our services by supplementing our pantry bags. These donations allow us to support many more from the community. People are so grateful because they are, in many cases, items they wouldn't be able to afford. The healthy items are great and our community members are so grateful. Thank you, Getir and Copia!"


Hunger Action Month began on September 1st and includes Hunger Action Day on September 23rd, an opportunity for people across the country to work together to end hunger.


About Getir:

Getir is the pioneer of ultrafast grocery delivery. The tech company, based in Istanbul, has revolutionized last-mile delivery with its “groceries in minutes” delivery proposition, offering approximately 2,000 everyday items to its customers. Getir has operations in all 81 cities of Turkey, and launched operations in the UK, the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, Portugal and the United States in 2021. Getir is, first and foremost, a technology company that operates in retail and logistics. It was founded in 2015 by Nazim Salur (founder of BiTaksi, Turkey’s leading taxi app), Serkan Borancili (founder of GittiGidiyor, acquired by eBay in 2011), and Tuncay Tutek (ex-PepsiCo and P&G executive in Europe and the Middle East.) Learn more at


About Copia:

Copia is helping people in need and reducing carbon emissions by making it easy and beneficial to reduce waste and donate surplus. Copia’s technology is the first fully automated waste tracking, prevention, and surplus redistribution platform. The easy-to-use app creates operational consistency and ensures that every donation is matched and delivered to a nonprofit in need. Through Copia’s robust and actionable data, food donors are better able to inform business decisions, celebrate positive social and environmental impact, write-off meaningful tax deductions, and show legislative compliance. Copia is not only making it simple and profitable for businesses to do the right thing, but they’re democratizing food access and equity for all.


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