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Good Energy Group says "more to come" amid strategic shift

Good Energy Group PLC
News release by Good Energy Group PLC

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Good Energy Group PLC (AIM:GOOD) CEO Nigel Pocklington speaks to Thomas Warner from Proactive London about the company's strategic shift away from clean power generation toward the provision of clean energy-related services.

Pocklington explains the rationale for the shift in approach, which he says aligns with the company's mission to address climate change more effectively. He highlights the company's evolution from developing renewable energy facilities like solar parks and wind farms to focusing on higher margin markets like solar and heat pump demand.

Good Energy's divestment from certain assets has fortified its balance sheet, providing capital for new ventures and positioning the company as a robust player in the renewable energy sector. Pocklington also highlights Good Energy's significant stake in ZapMap, the UK's leading app for electric vehicle planning.

Pocklington discusses the benefits of the company's strong cash position, which allows it to withstand market shocks and to invest in future growth areas. Looking ahead, Good Energy plans to expand its solar panel installation capabilities and enhance services that facilitate the adoption and use of renewable technologies. This strategy includes participating in national grid flexibility trials and offering competitive feed-in tariffs.


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