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Graft Polymer unveils another new R&D deal in Slovenia

Graft Polymer (UK) PLC
News release by Graft Polymer (UK) PLC

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Graft Polymer (UK) PLC (LSE:GPL) independent non-executive director Alex Brooks speaks to Thomas Warner after announcing that the company has signed an R&D deal with the Faculty of Polymer Technology in Slovenia to develop polymer matrices.


The deal is the fourth the company has announced in the last two months. Brooks emphasises its role as a development-focused organisation, particularly in Slovenia, contributing to the nation's ambition for a robust polymer industry. The new venture centres around vitrimers, an innovative type of material combining the strengths of thermoset and thermoplastic substances.


This composite material offers resilience akin to thermosets with the ease of handling and repairability found in thermoplastics. The collaboration aligns with Graft's pursuit of opportunities through the EU's Horizon program.


For shareholders, the partnership provides Graft with another reliable partner in marketing products and expanding Graft's clientele. Brooks highlights the benefits of working in Slovenia, noting its favourable business environment and convenient access to major polymer consuming businesses in central Europe.


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