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Grizzly Research Releases Coverage Report on GigaCloud (NASDAQ:GCT)

News release by GigaCloud Technology Inc

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New York, May 22, 2024 – Grizzly Research has released a comprehensive coverage report on GigaCloud Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: GCT). The report provides an in-depth analysis of GigaCloud’s business operations, highlighting several areas of concern regarding the company’s financial reporting and operational practices. A copy of the report can be found here:

 Grizzly GCT Report 

Key Findings:

  1. Discrepancies in Gross Merchandise Value (GMV): While GigaCloud reports significant growth in GMV, web traffic data for its B2B marketplace, GigaB2B, indicates low activity. At its peak, the site had only 1,000 visits per month, which raises questions about the accuracy of the reported $907 million GMV.
  2. RelatedParty Transactions:The report identifies a network of related party transactions involving shell companies. These entities, often managed by GigaCloud employees, appear to be used to enhance the appearance of marketplace activity.
  3. Revenue Recognition Practices:GigaCloud’s method of booking fulfillment costs as revenue to inflate top-line figures is examined. Over $100 million in last-mile service revenue was recorded, despite the company reportedly lacking the necessary infrastructure to support such a volume of business.
  4. Auditor Practices:The report notes that GigaCloud’s auditor, KPMG Huazhen LLP, has a limited track record, having audited only two U.S. public companies, both of which have faced scrutiny from short-sellers.
  5. Insider Selling:Significant insider stock sales by key executives, including CEO Larry Lei Wu, amounting to over $85 million, are highlighted as a point of concern for investors.
  6. Noble House Acquisition: The acquisition of Noble House, which GigaCloud presented as a strategic expansion, is discussed. Bankruptcy documents show that Noble House’s revenue declined significantly from $491 million in 2022 to $150 million in 2023, which contrasts with GigaCloud’s optimistic projections.


GigaCloud Technology Inc. provides end-to-end B2B e-commerce solutions for large parcel merchandise through its GigaB2B platform. While the company has reported impressive growth metrics, the findings in Grizzly Research’s report suggest the need for a closer examination of GigaCloud’s business practices.


Grizzly Research’s report raises important questions about GigaCloud’s operational and financial practices. The use of related party transactions to potentially inflate financial results and the significant insider stock sales suggest areas that may require further scrutiny by investors and stakeholders.


The report encourages investors to exercise caution and conduct thorough due diligence when considering investments in GigaCloud. Grizzly Research aims to provide valuable insights to help investors make informed decisions.

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This press release is a summary of the coverage report released by Grizzly Research. For the full report, please visit Grizzly Research’s website


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