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Guo Wenjun, the Founder of Chinese Healthy Royal Cuisine Culinary System, Has A New Restaurant in Manhattan

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New York, NY, July 12, 2023 (500NewsWire) -- Guo Wenjun, the founder of Chinese Healthy Cuisine Culinary System, is bringing his highly experienced team with him to Manhattan. Here, he aims to create a museum of Chinese cuisine and a cultural restaurant focused on perfectly integrated Chinese and Western cultural concepts!


At the age of 14, Master Guo became an apprentice to a prestigious chef. He diligently studied cooking, which strengthened his future career. He aslo went to Hong Kong, where he learned about modern styles of Guangdong, Hong Kong, and French cuisines, which elevated his culinary skills to a new level. Chef Guo created his own culinary system: Healthy Royal Cuisine Culinary System. At the same time, the Chinese Cuisine Culture Research Association certified his cuisine. Master Guo’s ideal is to empower his cuisine so it can spread throughout the world. He also hopes that foreigners can understand and want to eat authentic Chinese cuisine. He brought this ideal with him when opening a new ChefGuo restaurant next to the Waldorf Astoria New York hotel on East 50th Street.


Unlike traditional Chinese cuisine categorized based on regional styles, Master Guo’s cuisine is unique. It ‘prioritizes taste’ and is ‘health-centered’. This involves matching and combining cooking methods and ingredients to highlight every nutrient while using each ingredient’s color and fragrance to stimulate your appetite. This cuisine synthesizes the eight major Chinese cuisines (Anhui, Fujian, Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Shandong, Sichuan, Zhejiang) with a sumptuous banquet and dishes designed based on the essence of each regional imperial cuisine. Furthermore, these dishes are made using natural ingredients, come in new forms, and have the best flavors. They align with modern cooking concepts and perfectly embody aspects of both East and West.


Master Guo upholds strict standards for his cuisine based on color, fragrance, flavor, form, utensil, fashion, temperature, sound, meaning, and nourishment. “Color” is the color of the food. “Fragrance” is fragrance of the dishes. “Flavor” is the taste of the dishes. “Form’ is the shape and appearance. ‘Utensil’ is the utensils used to serve these dishes. ‘Fashion’ is this cuisine’s sustained ability to meet current artistic and perfectionistic needs. ‘Temperature’ is the strictly regulated, optimal, and ideal temperature designed to ensure that customers can eat the best-tasting dishes. ‘Sound’ is the staff’s introduction of these dishes along with the classical and elegant music that resounds throughout the dining room to make customers feel happy. ‘Meaning’ is when each dish is closely related to traditional Chinese culture, has inheritable cultural elements, and possesses a relevant historical narrative. ‘Nourishment’ is when these dishes provide material, spiritual, supernatural, and emotional nourishment. These aspects align with Master Guo’s principles of ‘green’, ‘health’, ‘tradition’, and ‘fashion’. ‘Green’ is his preference for choosing natural and organic ingredients. ‘Health’ is his way of scientifically matching each ingredient. ‘Tradition’ is his use of traditional cooking skills while maintaining their dishes’ main elements. ‘Fashion’ is his dishes’ artistic beauty displayed when placed on the dining table.


The ChefGuo tasting menu includes a total of 19 courses made of the highest-quality natural and rare ingredients from places throughout the world. Master Guo ensures these ingredients’ freshness by enabling his customers to have a better taste of his creations. As Master Guo meticulously designs each dish and personally cooks them, there is a limit of 8 reservations per day, reservation only. 135 E 50th St. New York, NY 10022;; (212) 866-9888.


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