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H Code Launches A Code to Drive Authentic, Data-Driven Marketing to AAPI Audiences H Code also appoints Sunny Chen as Product Marketing Manager for A Code and releases the AAPI Digital Fact Pack (Lite Edition), an analysis of the AAPI community’s online behaviors and attitudes

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 H Code, the leading multicultural digital media company, today announces the launch of A Code, a digital media solutions platform for brands to deliver meaningful and genuine marketing experiences to the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Former HubSpot marketing leader Sunny Chen has been appointed as Product Marketing Manager for A Code and will lead the company in driving strategic and accurate representation of AAPI communities in media initiatives. In addition to bolster the company’s multicultural marketing capabilities, A Code will provide targeted growth resources and access to increased ad revenue for brands.

A Code launches at a time when advertisers, publishers and brands are working to better serve multicultural communities, and aims to be a valued partner for defining and expanding strategies to better engage with AAPI audiences. The U.S. is currently home to 22 million AAPI residents who are projected to collectively have $1.3 Trillion in addressable market and purchasing power by 2022, leaving much to be desired from marketers conscious of the economic influence of AAPI consumers. With a vast network of premium publisher partners and digital reach, A Code is able to connect leading brands directly with AAPI audiences and Asian-focused media while ensuring that strategies are aligned to deliver culturally relevant messaging and impactful creative work at scale.

At the foundation of A Code’s offerings is meaningful, real-time insight into the purchase behaviors and sentiments of Asian audiences. Included in the platform’s offerings is A Code Intelligence Center, a primary component of the company that harnesses thousands of AAPI users to offer data-driven and quantitative approaches to understanding the Asian media landscape. A Code Content Studio then offers the ability to create culturally connected campaigns that drive brand stories across the platform. These two features, combined with A Code Digital Media Solutions, their in-house creative services team, allows for video and display assets to be created out of highly curated information appropriate for desired AAPI audiences.

In his new role as Product Marketing Manager for A Code, Chen brings deep expertise in digital marketing and development of diversity equity and inclusion programs for organizations of all sizes. He is well versed in utilizing advertising, digital media and technology to launch new verticals within SaaS platforms to convert products and services internally, as well as externally to clients, partners and developer communities. In his former role at HubSpot, he co-launched the Black@INBOUND, a space for black business partners, customers, and the community at large to celebrate Black businesses with mentorship, networking, and HubSpot resources.

“Today’s status quo in messaging does not represent Asian influence in domestic markets and to address these concerns, our team at A Code is set on building Asian relevance in U.S. culture to initiate a resonance through digital media solutions where the community and audiences are authentically represented,” said Sunny. “Companies must first understand that the AAPI community is extremely diverse and has a large intersection of interests across cultural identity; including a combination of familial ties, heritage, and countries of origin in the U.S., that can unlock impactful results when appropriately catered to.”

To mark its launch, A Code also releases the AAPI Digital Fact Pack (Lite Edition), a resource designed to provide the understanding of the digital lives, attitudes, preferences and purchase intentions of the AAPI community. It uses data from A Code Intelligence Center’s 2021 AAPI Digital Consumption Survey to provide much needed insight and reflection for multicultural understanding, sensitivity, and connection.

“We’re proud to now offer capabilities to better understand and appeal to AAPI audiences in addition to Black and Hispanic audiences, thereby creating an even more inclusive digital marketing platform. A Code will enable us to drive much-needed strategic initiatives to help provide unparalleled insight and access to this important demographic,” said Parker Morse, founder and CEO of H Code.

Administered in October 2021, A Code’s AAPI Digital Fact Pack (Lite-Edition) surveyed over 1,300 AAPI respondents, representative of all main geographical areas of the U.S., and found that the AAPI community is hyperconnected and digitally engaged with loved ones, as well as with brands who support their community and understand their importance.

Key insights include:

  • In 2019, the AAPI median annual household income was higher than other demographics at $85,800, compared with $61,800 among all U.S. households

  • 92% of respondents use the internet everyday and access it by smartphone primarily, indicating that this audience is highly mobile first

  • AAPIs rely on the internet to drive their purchasing decisions and spend the most time online activities are searching for information, shopping, and researching products

  • 1 in 2 respondents stream video content in their native language, illustrating a demand for content that highlights cultural ties, heritage, and connection to their countries of origin

  • 9 in 10 of AAPIs use CTV platform services and 82% listen to audio content or music online, indicating a strong preference towards audio and visual streaming content over other media or channels

  • Social media is where 55% of respondents are most likely to notice a digital ad and 33% learn of new brands and products, presenting a significant opportunity for brands to connect with them on social platforms


To download the A Code Fact Pack, please visit: https://hcode.docsend.com/view/mgrjhdgmd44x964h


About H Code

Founded in 2015, H Code has solidified its place as the largest Hispanic digital media company in the United States. Committed to reaching Hispanic audiences at scale, H Code strives to leverage its learnings, brand equity, and expertise to shape the future of media by unlocking diverse audiences through data and authentic creative and content. Today, H Code’s employee base is 84% multicultural, 65% Hispanic/Latinx, and 49% female across its offices in the U.S. and Latin America.


Named one of the fastest-growing private companies in the nation by multiple outlets, H Code strategically brings together targetable data, exclusive inventory, authentic creative and custom content, and more to influence powerful Hispanic consumers every day through digital and integrated campaigns. Backed by its proprietary intelligence platform that derives insights from a robust influencer network and the largest Hispanic digital panel, H Code delivers the most impactful, data-driven strategies to effectively reach and influence multicultural audiences online with unmatched authenticity.


About A Code

A Code is the digital media solutions platform for brands to deliver meaningful and genuine marketing experiences to the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) community. Our unity of proprietary data and intelligence insights allows you to engage with the fastest growing and most diverse consumer in the United States. A Code is a one-stop-shop to reach AAPI audiences with English and in-language content, creatives, and campaigns. We’ll help you navigate through the complex and diverse AAPI community, garner specific audience reach throughout all countries of origin, and make data-informed decisions. Instead of navigating through multiple media companies and targeting options, with A Code, you will have a 360 view and pulse of the AAPI community at your fingertips.


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