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HANetf launches "Europe’s first" ESG-screened India tech ETF

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HANetf Head of Research Tom Bailey visits Thomas Warner at the Proactive London story to talk about the latest addition to the HANetf offering, the INQQ India Internet & Ecommerce ESG-S UCITS ETF, focused on Indian tech.

The new ETF aims to leverage India's growing role in the global economy, particularly its digital sector. India, projected by the IMF as the fastest-growing major economy in 2023 and 2024, presents a unique investment opportunity, especially in digital and e-commerce fields.

The ETF targets the increasing digital consumption in India, boosted by government efforts in enhancing connectivity and the country’s substantial youth population. The creation of INQQ involved collaboration with the US-based EMQQ Global. Kevin Carter, co-founder of EMQQ Global, is recognised for his expertise in tech investments in emerging markets. This partnership helped address the intricacies of investing in emerging markets like India.

Bailey also discusses India's geopolitical stance, emphasising its independent position outside major global blocks. He highlighted India's tradition of maintaining sovereignty, rooted in its role in the non-aligned movement during the Cold War.

This stance, along with India's democratic nature and adherence to the rule of law, makes it an attractive option for Western investors. Investors interested in the ETF can access it through listings on the London Stock Exchange and in Germany and Italy. INQQ comprises a basket of stocks focused on Internet and e-commerce sectors in India, providing exposure to this growing digital market.


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